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itsmisscs 03:20:13
@patcon do we need to register or anything?
patcon 04:43:08
@itsmisscs Yep, we all def need to buy tickets! Full details in those emails shared above (various levels of discount based on need)
itsmisscs 05:27:46
ah, right! thanks for jogging memory on that, @patcon. i will get my ticket then.
patcon 08:04:36
heh no worries, def hard to keep track of all this slack nonsense!
patcon 08:08:23
maybe it needs it's own trello board, but here's a card to keep our stuff together for now :slightly_smiling_face:


itsmisscs 02:18:47
@ttcat @patcon @lizbarry @darshana Would love love to sync up on RightsCon before we head into April. The first half of April is busy for me, but the second half clears up. Would love to know what we’re planning :smile: and i’m just ridiculously excited to collab with everyone
lizbarry 07:01:46
Hi folks,
lizbarry 07:05:36
@itsmisscs @darshana and I are starting to imagine some great activities to co-host while @ttcat is in town for RightsCon, and (hopefully!) the Facilitator Training Team of @olivebranch.a, @sylin , and maybe @au (either telepresence or the real thing) are around before RightsCon.
itsmisscs 07:08:33
We’re currently thinking of hosting activities the week before RightsCon (May 7-13th +/- a few days). Would those dates work for the Facilitator Training Team?
May 5-6 I’m co-running this 1500+ ppl Social Enterprise Summit https://www.en-tomorrowasia-2018apses.com/ and so unfortunately unlikely to fly out immediately afterwards… however the PDIS facilitators are not as heavily involved to SES so there might be a chance
Always happy to telepresent, of course
itsmisscs 07:18:14
Congrats!! that’s a massive event. Would you want to come later in the week or would the week after RightsCon be better for you?
these activities we’re planning — are they in NYC or in Toronto or both?
schedule-wise, May 17 to May 20 is unoccupied for me, but as with all traveling I’ll need to check with the MoFA folks well in advance.
itsmisscs 07:24:52
NYC would be the bulk of the activities. Toronto would potentially be a talk/panel and then RightsCon (if folks can/want to attend)
itsmisscs 07:29:05
From our end, we’re keen on accommodating what’s best for you and team. We could even have Avross and Sylin up before and have you telepresent/participate and then run training in Toronto.
dzn 07:29:29
@au how long does the full facilitation training take?
dzn 07:29:51
also, what is the ideal number of participants?
That sounds good; @fang will also be great to ask and see what her availability is like. @sylin and @fang has written up a training proposal.
Looking at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eYXGnyTNYVcDUZPb3_S1yr1OoA292HxnYfluzCY7ylA/edit?usp=sharing I think it’s 6.5 hours — IIRC our biweekly workshops are 30 (ideal) to 40 (workable)
Anyway, if sy et al prefer May 10-14 instead, I’ll see what I can do — likely fly out the night of May 9 and move some of the SES side events — it’s will take more planning but is also possible
lizbarry 07:35:03
Thank you and we are so excited
also, for Participation Officers, the training takes two days (6.5 hours per day)
lizbarry 07:38:35
(ps, we are requesting access to that doc)
fixed sharing permissions for you
lizbarry 07:45:53
Oh this document is awesome. Really feeling it.
lizbarry 07:46:17
Does the two day PO training include hands-on training with the 360 camera and using the tablet to manage remote input while facilitating an in-person meeting?
lizbarry 07:47:23
I'm asking because we might need to acquire some of this hardware
360 cam is optional. two regular cams will do too. large tablets are useful but laptops will do. two projectors are useful but one will do
the only hard req is stable wifi
lizbarry 08:04:05
ok we will start reaching out to gather this stuff!
sylin 20:04:36
This might be a dumb question but… what is Facilitator Training Team?
“folks who run workshops that enable participants to someday run PO/vTaiwan-style collaborations”
we may also need to plan budgeting for NYC flights etc — recently we’ve been promoting POs into leading the entire process (so far: Ministry of Health and Welfare; Ministry of Finance) and they would be very helpful as part of the Training Team, esp. if we expect career civil servants as attendees
dzn 01:17:07
We are planning to promote the training to NYC civil servants. It is very likely that some will be in attendance. There’s been a lot of enthusiasm around vTaiwan. @lizbarry, @itsmisscs and I started talking budgets yesterday. We’ve been counting 3 people from your side. Is that the right number?
That sounds about right. If POs are willing to come we’ll ask support from their respective ministries, and/or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
dzn 08:11:19
we’ll keep you updated from our end
dzn 08:11:33
Thanks au :slightly_smiling_face:
itsmisscs 05:08:05
@sylin @fang how is May 7-13th for you? we’d like to bring you to NYC to run a training and participate in a few other side events. we’re organizing a week long festival :slightly_smiling_face:
itsmisscs 05:08:25
then we’d head to toronto. if you’d like to join us there, too, let us know
sylin 07:12:25
May 7-13th works for me :slightly_smiling_face:
Fang 07:27:24
May 7-13th works for me too! :slightly_smiling_face:
Fang 07:40:19
It would be great to join you in Toronto as well! Thanks!
itsmisscs 09:23:51
Thanks @sylin and @fang :100:



itsmisscs 05:09:32
@patcon @ttcat did we complete this requirement for RightsCon….“Once you have connected with your co-organizer, please use this google form to update your session’s title, description, and speakers. Moving forward, you will use #611 as the session ID number.

We are asking that this be completed by Friday, March 9, but the earlier the better. In order to ensure that your session is included in the program, we need to transfer your proposal into a public-facing session description.”
ttcat (not_staff) 11:07:27
Yes. I have asked Nick, he said it’s fine if we submit next week
patcon 17:27:50
@ttcat and I were trying to schedule a catch up call even before we got merged :) we're trying to sort a slot, maybe somewhere in Monday night ET (after 7pm) or Tues 8-10am ET.

Happy to represent and take copious notes, but @darshana @itsmisscs @lizbarry your presence would feel right since all our names are on the proposal!
itsmisscs 02:42:28
this tuesday i can do, next tuesday i cannot. monday (today and next) work for me
itsmisscs 02:42:57
feel free to book a day and post the cal invite though. i can catch up via notes.
lizbarry 04:20:53
i can also catch up via notes
lizbarry 04:21:13
can someone link to our original proposal? i'm looking for it
dzn 05:06:13
hey. I will make it to the chat tomorrow
lizbarry 05:12:02
its' ok, i winged my request for travel support :joy:
Fang 07:19:12
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patcon 17:32:04
Anyone have any objection to bridging this into a channel in the Civic Tech Toronto slack team?
ttcat (not_staff) 18:55:02
ttcat (not_staff) 18:56:01
For anyone who are also coming to Code for America summit and PDF, let’s talk in new channel?
ttcat (not_staff) 18:57:38


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@patcon set the channel purpose: For general inter-Slack discussion and planning related to RightsCon 2018 in Toronto (May 16-18).
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testing from Civic Tech Toronto slack

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testing from g0v-tw Slack
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@patcon set the channel topic: This channel is BRIDGED. Civic Tech Toronto <=> g0v-tw http://link.civictech.ca/about-bridges|link.civictech.ca/about-bridges
@null 01:49:46
Hey @gabe @lia @mhellstern :wave: (current and past Code for Canada staff)

This channel is now bridged with g0v-tw slack. You are welcome to join! On the other end are folks who plan to be in Toronto from Taiwan, incl @pellaeon @sylin @au @ttcat (sorry if I missed anyone! pls do say hi -- I'm excited to meet you in-person :slightly_smiling_face: )

sylin 01:39:56
and @fang !
@null 01:50:54
:wave: @iq (@canadian_aaron is presenting with her in another session)

@null 04:38:43
ok, @ttcat and @itsmisscs and I meeting tomorrow (at 8am-10am ET) (:tada:)

ttcat (not_staff) 10:14:24
Sorry I have an appointment with my dentist. Can we push back two hours?
ttcat (not_staff) 10:25:52
Alright, Let me try reschedule it
ttcat (not_staff) 10:29:15
Okay done. Please ignore this message.
@null 04:40:05
We're capped at 4 with http://appear.in, so if anyone else is interested, chime in and we'll find a better tool.

We'll keep notes here if appropriate:

dzn 05:06:30
hey. I can join too
dzn 05:06:37
that gets us to 4 for now?
@null 04:45:15
@itsmisscs, I'll catch up on your last friday's notes, but you'll have much more context on feels of others regarding how we merge sessions :slightly_smiling_face: (so _really_ glad you're able to make it!)

itsmisscs 05:59:45
Those notes were for the facilitaiton festival plans (which we are now toying with moving to June pre PDF since more g0v folks will be in town TBD). But ya, excited to join! see you at 8am. thanks for organizing @patcon
dzn 05:06:30
hey. I can join too
dzn 05:06:37
that gets us to 4 for now?
itsmisscs 05:59:45
Those notes were for the facilitaiton festival plans (which we are now toying with moving to June pre PDF since more g0v folks will be in town TBD). But ya, excited to join! see you at 8am. thanks for organizing @patcon
@null 06:03:49
Yay! :boogie-penguin: Might find a better call tool just in case, but link will be whatever is in notes/gcal :)

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ttcat (not_staff) 10:14:24
Sorry I have an appointment with my dentist. Can we push back two hours?
ttcat (not_staff) 10:25:52
Alright, Let me try reschedule it
ttcat (not_staff) 10:29:15
Okay done. Please ignore this message.
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itsmisscs 19:59:00
Morning! I will be jumping on around 8:10. Please start without me


lizbarry 00:40:10
Great! sounds like it went well from the notes, but also maybe isn't totally locked down yet. Anyone want to write in with the take-aways?
itsmisscs 02:20:03
- ttcat will give the intro to the event
- we will run SOD style workshop picking a topic more aligned with RightsCon (as per ttcat’s observations from last year’s event)
- organize an event on tuesday where we can bring or telepresent with au/pdis
sylin 01:39:56
and @fang !
ttcat (not_staff) 19:19:13
@patcon please let us know if you submit the merge proposal! Thanks!


patcon 02:02:02
:+1: i will have it done before I get on a bus at midnight tonight...! i hope that is ok! (i originally said noon, but had some daytime commitments pop up)
dzn 02:55:29
I have some time tonight if you need a helping hand.
@null 04:14:22

@null 04:16:00
@dzn Thanks D! I expect to be available 8-11pm while waiting for my bus to NYC :tada:

itsmisscs 12:45:10
@patcon see you friday!!!
patcon 21:51:13
@null 23:18:05
@iq @canadian_aaron Is this session in the draft programme yours? "Resistance or cooperation? A look at civic tech movements and their relationships with governments"?


canadian_aaron 01:42:07
It is! It’s me and IQ’s :)
itsmisscs 08:51:23
Looking forward to meeting you.
canadian_aaron 08:53:34
Me too! (It’s Claudina right?) glad to see so many nyc civic tech peeps coming to Toronto!
canadian_aaron 08:53:52
Also, great work on the Taiwan piece for the Civicist!
itsmisscs 08:54:36
cs :) thank you! Darshana will also be coming
canadian_aaron 08:55:55
Awesome! Would love to hear more about y’alls Taiwan trip
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ttcat (not_staff) 22:10:20
@patcon did you submit yet?


@null 03:43:26
@ttcat yep :slightly_smiling_face: I shared submission in #vnetwork

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ttcat (not_staff) 22:35:11
Is anyone like to write English weekly digest for http://g0v.news?
ttcat (not_staff) 22:35:20
Please let me know!