Month: 2018-02


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@patcon set the channel purpose: For general discussion and planning related to RightsCon 2018 in Toronto (May 16-18).
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:wave: ohai!
patcon 08:14:32
Am I missing anyone? Pls do invite others who are attending or helping to organize trips
patcon 08:14:43
(And pls do feel free to leave if a common channel doesn't feel like the right approach for you.)


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patcon 13:25:41
cc: @sylin :slightly_smiling_face:

sure, I’m happy to visit Toronto (either in the flesh or via telepresence). ShuYang is in charge of PDIS’s international schedule.

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Hi all, I invited @hmsyuan from the Taiwan Association for Human Rights to join (he also has one accepted submission on Internet Transparency Report), and @gd from Association of Hackers In Taiwan, he has been collaborating with OCF in our Digital Security Project, and is very interested to attend RightsCon


patcon 06:44:37

heyo <!here>! Just got a message from RightsCon about what our session is being merged with -- <@U02U9H0GH>'s g0v session! Email here: <https://hackmd.io/s/SkiJr62Dz>


itsmisscs 02:00:27
dzn 02:22:43
That's excellent news!! :)
lizbarry 03:39:52
Wow amazing to be paired w @ttcat but actually i feel that I don't want to take any time away from @ttcat!!!
ttcat (not_staff) 10:50:51
@patcon yeah!! That's awesome!!!!
ttcat (not_staff) 10:51:29
And are you going to RightsCon too??? @lizbarry @itsmisscs
ttcat (not_staff) 10:52:06
I'm going to stay in North America from rightscon to code for America summit and personal democracy fourm in NYC
ttcat (not_staff) 10:52:40
Any suggestions for side visiting, place to crash? @patcon
patcon 13:28:01
Haha I am in an odd situation where I don't have a place to offer BUT I could def find you cool people in the civictech scene to billet with for a bit!
patcon 13:30:27
Also, i just started my shift of speaker booking for our tues hacknight...! Would love to get you on the docket :)


dzn 00:54:03
@ttcat If you plan to spend some time in NYC, we have a whole host of apartments for crashing!!
itsmisscs 05:13:12
@ttcat i have to go to Berlin after RightsCon. Do you want my NYC apartment? It’s a 6th floor walkup. So if you are okay with 70 stairs, it’s all yours. Do let me know soon! Otherwise I will rent it out.
itsmisscs 05:13:53
I’ll be back in town for PDF
ttcat (not_staff) 11:08:50
Gosh thank you so so much!!! I’d love to have it. But I’m heading to code for America summit after rightscon, not sure yet how to plan the trip. Will let you know soooooon