Month: 2018-04


lizbarry 04:52:01
Hi folks! @patcon and i looked through the giant spreadsheet of RightsCon's draft schedule and found the combined session of @ttcat @darshana @itsmisscs @patcon and me on g0v nobodies on Friday May 18 2:30-3:45pm. See Cell M34, #611 (some kind of id number?):
itsmisscs 05:06:39
Thank you so much for doing this!!!
patcon 05:29:30
@thebestsophist @darshana @itsmisscs are any of you interested in renting a big ol airbnb with liz and I? Maybe from Tues may 15 to Friday may 18? Specific dates flexible, I spose :)
lizbarry 07:32:56
yes, for instance, staying Friday night as well :monkey_face:
lizbarry 08:13:36
I'm also wondering if, for anyone interested in sharing an AirBnB, if a 10-20 minute bike ride (via https://bikesharetoronto.com/system-map/) to the conference venue sounds like a doable/good idea?


itsmisscs 05:07:10
@lizbarry @patcon I’m down for this airbnb share!
patcon 10:18:52
@itsmisscs :tada: for airbnb share!
itsmisscs 05:08:04
I will be leaving Friday or Saturday….not sure what’s been booked for me yet. I’m looking into my tickets to TO!
lizbarry 05:08:41
@patcon and I haven't booked anything yet, just ran some feasibility studies yesterday ;)
itsmisscs 05:09:01
cool cool
itsmisscs 05:09:24
i’m in planning mode at the moment. looking into flights etc
patcon 11:00:35
@pellaeon @fang @sylin @ttcat do y'all have any accommodations planned yet? Or any tentative plans for booking together? At the very least, maybe we could conspire on being neighborhoodly :slightly_smiling_face:
patcon 11:01:07
If anyone wants to track itinerary and travel plans together, feel free to drop or contribute notes here:
@null 12:43:05
@gabe @iq @lia @canadian_aaron I'm seeing Tues, May 15 is day 0 -- Satellite and Pre-Programming. Has anyone engaged RightsCon with submitting the hacknight as pre-programming? Thoughts on whether this is a good or bad idea?

ttcat (not_staff) 12:44:51
lilin 19:02:55
@patcon @lizbarry
I am Lilin and I am dealing with the accommodation plan of OCF members (ttcat, Pellaeon and me). It sounds really nice to share the airbnb room!
Can you help to check available items?
Since we will be in Toronto from 13th May to at least 24th May, I am not sure if it is too long to share the place. If it is not possible we can still be neighbor!
Some Rightscon participants from Taiwan prefer to go together; I will also check if they wanna share the airbnb asap.


patcon 15:33:35
@lilin if we all did decide to rent a big place, any firm preferences among your group on private rooms / shared rooms / beds in common areas (or shared beds...? Haha sometimes I've done that with coworkers, but I know it's prob rare)
lilin 15:44:00
i think a bed for each person at least! and I will check our members needs asap!
lilin 15:44:32
thank you so much
Fang 17:26:11
@patcon @lilin It would we great if you could include me in Airbnb share. Thanks!
patcon 15:34:15
Also, even if we're just neighbours, we can still track plans and itineraries in same hackpad, if you'd like :)
@null 22:30:36
I love the idea! I haven’t approached anyone there about it but I would not be opposed

<@U04TQG6G6> <@U0AQUDN87> <@U0EQNJRHP> <@U4VTPBU1Y> I'm seeing Tues, May 15 is day 0 -- Satellite and Pre-Programming. Has anyone engaged RightsCon with submitting the hacknight as pre-programming? Thoughts on whether this is a good or bad idea?


@null 00:31:41
@iq :tada: :raised_hands:



@null 02:05:38
ok awesome. i'll investigate a few options, both shared house and neighborly houses, and then we can all select the option that suits us best :slightly_smiling_face:

@null 02:05:53
@lilin what timeline are you working on for booking accommodations?

@null 08:04:41
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@null 20:56:10
HAs anyone followed up on this?

I love the idea! I haven’t approached anyone there about it but I would not be opposed <https://civictechto.slack.com/archives/C9NDQ80UB/p1522644185000019>

@null 21:15:43
Did anyone follow up on this?


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lizbarry 03:06:37
hey folks! Let's revive this rooms booking process -- i would like to get something this weekend or at least by the end of this week :heart:
lizbarry 03:15:28
Can i get people to add their green check emoji to this comment if you need a place for Tuesday May 15 - Saturday May 19, and if you want housing on additional dates, to start a thread on this comment? @ttcat @lilin @pellaeon @darshana @itsmisscs @thebestsophist. Also see this document helpfully assembled by @patcon that has five suggestions of places we could rent for various numbers of people: https://hackpad.tw/RightsCon-Toronto-2018-xuW4V8SCOHl
lizbarry 03:30:21
I'm a fan of this place (described in @patcon's hackpad ^^): if 8 of us split it for Tuesday, wednesday and Thursday nights it would be per person TOTAL US$156 / CAD$200 / NTD$4600. Note: this is not available to stay Friday night
itsmisscs 06:52:04
Which place? It’s a bummer it isn’t available on Friday. It would be slightly annoying to have to checkout the day we’re presenting.
lizbarry 07:54:12
AH, i like this one too but it's already booked for Friday night.....which it sounds like you are hoping to have....
itsmisscs 08:45:34
I mean we could find another spot. It's just a hassle ish to move.
itsmisscs 08:45:48
But! We could rally haha
lizbarry 00:30:03
I just spotted in the hackpad that Taiwan OCF people are arriving Sunday night, May 13, so maybe we should rent the place from Sunday night onward? @ttcat
lilin 01:10:55
Hello! I am Lilin dealing with OCF people’s accommodation
We have 4 people looking for a place to stay and two are arriving at Sunday night on May 13!
lilin 01:12:49
It will be really nice if we can find out some place which allows us to stay from Sunday, if possible
itsmisscs 09:35:49
I’m okay with couches and I can bring up an air mattress for myself
lizbarry 21:26:19
great!!!! So, the ideas in @patcon's hackpad all start from Tuesday, but perhaps we need a place for Sunday-Saturday (for 4 -- me, @patcon, @itsmisscs @ttcat, other OCF person), and maybe another for Tuesday-Saturday (@itsmisscs CS, other two people) -------- how does this sound?
lilin 17:25:50
So Sunday-Saturday means May13-19?
lilin 17:29:31
Say, we will have two places, one will serve from May 13-19, and the other May 15-19, is that correct?
lilin 17:29:57
As 3 OCF people are going to stay longer (until May 24), sounds like it would be better for all if we find another place?
patcon 04:42:12
i'm down for whatever, but just want to point out this spreadsheet:

it's still a really great deal to all stay at one place, even though we're not all staying the same duration. I've calculated the nightly cost, assuming that "fair" is to all have the same per-person rate each night, through the whole trip (averaged).

Spreadsheet (please feel free to adjust price to the listing you're looking at): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cUZS2LsHt4YMWu4WeL4gv2NRH9PsYgCZ7Sr16vl8KPg/edit#gid=0

going to drop so details in the larger chat
lilin 20:56:11
Thank you for the spreadsheet!
I would really like to stay at one place with you all, but we have two concerns:
1. Most OCF people stay much longer than others and we really hope we dont change hotels during it
2. The budget for each night per person will be around NTD$2000 (CAD$86-87)
I am also looking at the airbnb site and I think this condition can be a little bit hard to find a proper place..
@null 15:11:41
As in this weekend?

@null 15:11:54
Or you mean May?


lizbarry 08:58:36
Good morning Taipei!!!! Interested to get your take on a Sunday May 13 - Fri18/Sat19 AirBnB --- see threads above!



patcon 04:57:02
- check-in Sunday May 13, check-out Sunday May 20 (7 nights)

- we're 7 people, but since we're not 7 the whole time, i'm telling airbnb we're 6 (i don't think they'll keep track of us)
- OCF needs 4 beds in 3 rooms
- liz+patcon need a bed in 1 room
- CS is down to couch-live
- TOTAL: 6* ppl, 5 beds and 4 rooms

here's the *search for those constraints*:
:link: https://www.airbnb.ca/s/toronto--on/homes?refinement_paths%5B%5D=%2Fhomes&amp;source=hdr&amp;allow_override%5B%5D=&amp;checkin=2018-05-13&amp;checkout=2018-05-20&amp;adults=6&amp;room_types%5B%5D=Entire%20home%2Fapt&amp;min_beds=5&amp;min_bedrooms=4&amp;ne_lat=43.66160884162927&amp;ne_lng=-79.39592904592905&amp;sw_lat=43.63084908652631&amp;sw_lng=-79.43729943777475&amp;search_by_map=true&amp;zoom=14&amp;s_tag=S9vOfR1b


*Little Italy-4 bedroom house.* Here's a cheap place in nice hood (Little Italy), with a nice backyard
:woman-walking: 40 min to venue
:bus: 15 min
:bike: 10 min
:moneybag: ~CAD~ USD $2138 or CAD$52/USD$41/NTD1200 per person/night
:link: https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/529227?location=toronto%2C%20on&amp;adults=6&amp;check_in=2018-05-13&amp;check_out=2018-05-20&amp;s=S9vOfR1b&amp;guests=6

*Marion House.* Ronces is a nice hood, really charming and all local shops, but a bit far
:woman-walking: 45 min to venue
:bus: 30 min
:bike: 15 min
:moneybag: ~CAD~ USD $52/person/night
:link: https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/20919586?location=toronto%2C%20on&amp;adults=6&amp;check_in=2018-05-13&amp;check_out=2018-05-20&amp;s=TCrBg96Z

*Family Friendly Home in Downtown Toronto.* beside the best park in toronto (Trinity Bellwoods), where lots of people gather on nice days. ossington is right beside a wonderful strip with good bars and food, and a brewpub.
:woman-walking: 25 min to venue
:bus: 20 min
:bike: 7 min
:moneybag: ~CAD~ USD $89/person/night
:link: https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/11260963?location=toronto%2C%20on&amp;adults=7&amp;check_in=2018-05-13&amp;check_out=2018-05-20&amp;s=G28H4GtY&amp;guests=7

*MODERN 4 Bedroom 3bath BY THE CN TOWR. SLEEPS 14+* this place is a condo, and definitely the closest, but not in a charmy neighborhood at all imho.
:woman-walking: 17 min to venue
:bus: 12 min
:bike: 5 min
:moneybag: ~CAD~ USD $79/person/night
:link: https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/20919586?location=toronto%2C%20on&amp;adults=6&amp;check_in=2018-05-13&amp;check_out=2018-05-20
patcon 05:03:23
Ooooh *Rusholme Elegance.* This little street is really pretty. we'd also get to walk/bike through trinity bellwoods park to start/end each day. ossington (that great nightlife street) is nearby.
:bus: 25 min
:woman-walking: 40 min to venue
:bike: 13 min
:moneybag: ~CAD~ USD $51/person/night
:link: https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/24200661?location=toronto%2C%20on&amp;adults=6&amp;check_in=2018-05-13&amp;check_out=2018-05-20&amp;s=Kn9qMMMJ


Rusholme Elegance - Houses for Rent in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Entire home/apt in Toronto, Canada. Located just steps from College Street and its vibrant cafe and restaurant culture, this gorgeous 3 level home provides main floor opulence with kitchen, dining and living room and 2 piece powder room; the second floor with 3 bedrooms, full bathro...

patcon 05:06:33
And finally, an odd-ball one:
*Cozy 4 BDR family home in the heart of the city.* suuuuuper cheap. but far if not biking. and extra bed for CS!
:bus: 30 min
:woman-walking: 50min to venue
:bike: 14 min
:moneybag: ~CAD~ USD $33/person/night
:link: https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/12442917?location=toronto%2C%20on&amp;adults=6&amp;check_in=2018-05-13&amp;check_out=2018-05-20&amp;s=6sFbreuK


Cozy 4 BDR family home in the heart of the city - Houses for Rent in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Entire home/apt in Toronto, Canada. Charming 4 bedroom home available for short and long-term rental in trendy Roncesvalles village, voted one of the best neighborhoods in Canada. Sweet backyard deck for summer barbecues, cozy living-room fireplace for the winter. Lots of space. Ste...

patcon 05:50:09
Anyone have thoughts/preferences? *Little Italy-4 bedroom house* seems like my fave, with rusholme elegance in second.

Toronto has great bikeshare infra. there is also some full bike rental places near the waterfront. and so I think we should not weight proximity tooooo highly -- the venue location on the waterfront is on the far water side of the giant exhibition grounds, so there are unfortunately a shortage of places nearby
itsmisscs 22:56:25
Little Italy, family friendly, and rusholme are my favs based on your descriptions. Having a backyard is plus plus


patcon 03:52:41
:raised_hands: @itsmisscs!
itsmisscs 05:21:04
shall we just go ahead and pick one of these?
patcon 08:18:58
@itsmisscs great call. couple final things...
patcon 08:20:03
recalculated sheet so that private bedrooms are 30% more (used same markup as for hospital beds), to be a little more fair:

Do these prices look fair everyone? @lilin @lizbarry @itsmisscs
patcon 08:20:55
@thebestsophist before we lock this in, you sure you're not joining us? haven't heard from you either yes/no :slightly_smiling_face:
patcon 08:50:21
Also, some confusion with @lizbarry's USD $600 stipend (CAD $775), that she needs to allocated here for direct payment to "accommodations".

I've also just now realized that Airbnb allows splits that we could use:

@ttcat has also said he can easily pay. @lizbarry can't get New School to pay until Friday.

Here's an action plan:

1. we get thumbs up from everyone that our price breakdown looks fair on Little Italy place (sleeps 7) and that @thebestsophist is for sure not in (if she is, we take the place that's further and sleeps up to 10)
2. @lizbarry finds out exactly how much New School is paying
2.5 @ttcat books the split cost so that @lizbarry can as close to $500 USD tomorrow as possible
3. @ttcat and OCF folks pay the other sides of the split too.
4. @ttcat ensures that liz is sent the information to pay the final split on Friday (in 12h) when she goes to New School.
5. @lizbarry goes into New School office and gets them to pay the final bit themselves.
6. we all square up according to spreadsheet after.

~If the above looks good, then we NEED ONE PIECE OF INFO from @lizbarry: What's the exact cap that New School will agree to pay to? (This will affect how many ways we initiate the split, and will block us on locking this in with our first payment :slightly_smiling_face: )~ done! $500 USD

patcon 08:53:52
the 1/3 splits on the places are CAD $694.35 (Rusholme place) or CAD $709.83 (Little Italy place)
patcon 08:58:59
i messed up. http://airbnb.ca|airbnb.ca was in USD for me, but i assumed it was CAD. so all the costs up until now should be adjusted in your head -- no cross-border adjustment.

I hope the prices above are still ok.

cc: @lilin @lizbarry @itsmisscs
ttcat (not_staff) 09:06:54
Okay, @lilin please let me know the decision
lizbarry 09:11:36
Thanks for figuring this out!!!! It's so great. I would really like to answer this Q, but what's actually going to happen on Friday afternoon is that I sit down with an administrator and we just figure out how I can spend $750 USD and get a flight and a place to stay. I'll show them the split and hope that it works.
@null 13:53:15
@ttcat i had you booked for May 15 hacknight, the night before rightscon, but http://lucybernholz.com/ might be in town for just that one night, and i recall you're around on tues May 22. Would you be down for either?

ttcat (not_staff) 20:42:36
I can do both
ttcat (not_staff) 20:42:58
You mean 15th and 22 both right?
ttcat (not_staff) 20:43:17
Please loop @lilin
lilin 20:48:23
@patcon ttcat will have a meet up on may 22nd evening so maybe have to arrange this a bit later
patcon 00:49:45
@ttcat was thinking just 22 from 7-7:20 for your speaking. @lilin re: 22nd. oh shoot! will DM
patcon 17:55:38
just FYI, but there's been some last-minute wrangling, and we're now looking at this really cheap one:


Cozy 4 BDR family home in the heart of the city - Houses for Rent in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Entire home/apt in Toronto, Canada. Charming 4 bedroom home available for short and long-term rental in trendy Roncesvalles village, voted one of the best neighborhoods in Canada. Sweet backyard deck for summer barbecues, cozy living-room fireplace for the winter. Lots of space. Ste...