Month: 2015-10


kiang 00:05:49
@justinarenstein: As described at . Current working prototype developed by @miaoski costs about $56 each (without the box)
kiang 00:06:53
The biggest issue might be that we don't have strong background to make sure the result number is reliable.
justinarenstein 00:09:56
Thank you @kiang. I've just sent the hackpad link to our sensor team, so they can look at your designs.
justinarenstein 00:11:04
Even $56 each is better than our current option. We are looking at build 10 or 20 devices to test in a small area of Lagos (
kiang 00:15:49
@miaoski worried that the result number provided by Sharp DN7C3CA006 may not have enough accuracy as the professional device. Looked like DustDuino using the same method.
clkao 00:22:16
justinarenstein: I think the project is at the state that we are putting several sensor modules right next to an officially maintained sensor, and compare the reading over time (and different condition)
justinarenstein 00:29:05
@clkao: that makes good sense to calibrate & test the hardware configuration. We did the same with the DustDunio proto 2 configuration in the link above. I’m going to ask the techie who is leading our project to join this group so he can learn from your testing.
clkao 00:30:07
justinarenstein: so publiclab’s liz might be in Taiwan in Jan
justinarenstein 00:32:41
@clkao: that’s cool. A bunch of them were out in South Africa last week, in Durban (where we’re doing the water sensor projects).
temideoye 00:53:30
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miaoski 09:22:16
$75! That’s a good price!
miaoski 09:24:49
We’re testing other sensors, namely 1015 (there’s a component inside DN7C3CA006, that’s 1010) and G3. G3 is a sensors developed by some Chinese team. The major difference is that G3 uses laser as punctual light, not infrared, hence is less prone to humidity.
miaoski 09:25:53
G3 is not bad and its output RS232. The unit is about $15 each (135RMB). However, we still have to test its validity and stability...
miaoski 10:06:47
Shinyei PPD42NS doesn’t match our requirement, though. It doesn’t distinguish among PM1, PM2.5, PM10 and there’s no fan on it.


miaoski 19:48:25
今天 @microwind 做的 3D 殼超棒的
miaoski 19:48:35
不過如果單純只有 G3 的話,應該可以把殼做更小....
miaoski 19:48:50
晚一點會寄 POC 給 @kiang 看看 G3 的效果


miaoski 18:06:31

EPA Tainan vs Kiang | scatter chart made by Miaoski | plotly

Miaoski's interactive graph and data of "EPA Tainan vs Kiang" is a scatter chart, showing EPA Tainan vs Kiang; with time in the x-axis.

miaoski 18:07:08
這是 7/31 - 10/3 放在 @kiang 家的 DN7C3CA006 和環保署台南測站的比較
miaoski 18:07:25
我們之後會換成 G3, 所以不會再有更新的 DN7C3CA006 的資料了
kiang 18:08:16
miaoski 18:14:02
因為 @kiang 家離測站 3.6km, 所以我們也很推測不準的原因
miaoski 18:14:39
缺資料的部份我都填 -1. 有時候是 kiang 那邊缺資料 (像颱風的時候收進來) 有時候是環保署 NA
miaoski 18:18:56
9/15 - 9/28 的資料看起來是可以接受的...
miaoski 18:19:04
miaoski 19:01:24

EPA 斗六 vs Microwind G3 | scatter chart made by Miaoski | plotly

Miaoski's interactive graph and data of "EPA 斗六 vs Microwind G3" is a scatter chart, showing EPA 斗六 vs Microwind G3; with time in the x-axis.

miaoski 19:01:57
這是 @microwind 的 G3 的數據。雖然因為設定的關係,只有兩天的資料可以用。不過可以看出來 G3 也不是那麼樂觀...orz.
miaoski 19:07:23
不過不能只用兩天的資料來說明。如果能做到 30 天應該就會非常清楚了.
miaoski 20:56:12
哦哦。剛和 @microwind 聊過了。他上週都放在家裡,所以坐標沒錯,然後因為離測站 38km, 所以也無法比較。上圖大家看一下藍色線就好... 是說,雲林的空氣品質沒想像的差?
kiang 21:10:06
kiang 23:27:41
@miaoski: 已經裝上去了,再看看有沒有收到資料吧 :simple_smile:


microwind 00:48:28
microwind 00:49:14
miaoski 09:57:39
@microwind: 用 Google 地圖量的說.
miaoski 09:58:02
除非 GPS 的坐標還要再轉換 (有可能)
miaoski 10:16:25


北高全市擬設感測器 揪空污 | 蘋果日報



lafudoci 13:04:42
lafudoci 13:05:57
lafudoci 13:10:54
"二氧化碳、細懸浮微粒、臭氧等空污指數及噪音分貝" 如果依新聞所述做到售價三千內半個巴掌大其實也是蠻厲害而且很划算..


kiang 11:44:04 - 免費發放耶


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miaoski 16:52:11
嗯 不知道那個是幹嘛用的…剛看了一下還是不太懂
miaoski 23:02:01
BLE module, soka.


miaoski 13:42:05

EPA Tainan vs. Kiang | scatter chart made by Miaoski | plotly

Miaoski's interactive graph and data of "EPA Tainan vs. Kiang" is a scatter chart, showing EPA Tainan vs Kiang; with time in the x-axis.

miaoski 13:42:23
G3 看起來還不錯。請看 10/5 - 10/9 這幾天。10/5 之前都在修機器...
kiang 13:43:55
miaoski 21:47:19
Hmm 所以 LinkIt 7681 就是個像 ESP8266 的東西?是不是我哪裡誤會了...


kiang 22:50:31 - 這還蠻刺激的

PunNode 科技新創榜

【創報】感測器無所不在是好是壞?芝加哥AOT計畫顯現智慧城市的遠景與隱憂 - PunNode 科技新創榜


kiang 22:50:51
"Fifty nodes will be installed in early 2016, and the number is expected grow to 200 by the end of 2016 and 500 by the end of 2017."


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