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@jiangengchiou set the channel topic: 7.1-7.4 OTD summit X g0v hackathon!


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The next g0v hackathon in North America will be held at Pennsylvania from 7/1 to 7/4. The hackfoldr is already online~(I tried to move the templates etc from hackpad to hackmd, hope people can adjust to markdown format quickly O.Q)
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patcon 02:31:55
Is it worth people visiting from Toronto? I just can't read the docs, so unsure exactly what the structure of the event is :) is it that ppl from taiwan work on projects for the benefit of Taiwan from afar? Is the event largely non-english?
jiangengchiou 02:48:20
patcon: Yes, it is ppl from taiwan work on projects for the benefit of Taiwan from afar, but unfortunately, the event will be exclusively in Mandarin.
patcon 23:12:37
I totally get that! Thanks! It would still be fun to be there. I would love to experience it, and maybe reflect on future possibilities for participation across languages, that might allow for lightweight and hyper-inclusive processes :)
jiangengchiou 00:03:07
You’re welcome to visit! I’m sorry the registration period is already over, during which I didn’t realize the existence of this channel, so we won’t be able to accomodate your housing and university provided food. We’ll order our own coffee, snacks, pizza, and fried chicken that kinda stuff though XD
patcon 01:30:57
Cool! Thanks so much! Ill try to figure out travel, and will ping you if it works out :)
patcon 01:39:24
Ah rats. My family is visiting Toronto from out of town, so I won't be able to make it. Thanks for the offer though!
canadian_aaron 13:27:15
I would love to help organize some kind of g0v-style hackathon event once i’m back in Toronto this september
patcon 16:13:11
Yes! Did you get a chance to meet Lia from Toronto at PDF? I heard she was looking for you
canadian_aaron 19:47:59
Aaaaauuggh. I heard she was looking for me! :disappointed:
canadian_aaron 19:49:09
We seemed to have totally missed each other.
jiangengchiou 22:47:39
Hackathon in Toronto!
patcon 05:02:35
Yay! We do weekly hacknights (which are wonderful!), but I've been itching to run a more consistent (every 2 months) long-form weekend event
patcon 05:03:54
I worry that there's not enough time for wins in the short hacknight format, and so I worry if we're not serving action-oriented folks well enough...!
jiangengchiou 05:38:10
for wins?
patcon 08:02:54
Sorry, that's wasn't clear: too short a time to both onboard (welcome new ppl) and get work done. Some teams have figured that out but its a pain point
jiangengchiou 12:19:37
The hackathons in Taiwan are just one day though. People get to know each other by getting work done together~
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canadian_aaron 18:28:39
I have a question for Canada/US peeps. how connected is the North American open knowledge network (OKFN) with each other?
canadian_aaron 18:29:26
does the Canada, US, Mexico, Open Knowledge chapters keep in contact and do stuff together?


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