Month: 2018-11


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@patcon has renamed the channel from "matterbridge" to "chat-bridge"
patcon 17:49:10
Just realized that we can auto-detect "locale" of a new user joining slack, and so auto-invite them into the appropriate #general channel :slightly_smiling_face:
patcon 17:52:16
recorded the thought here:


Auto-invite new members into the appropriate #general · Issue #6 · patcon/matterbridge-heroku

We currently have #general (untranslated), #general-en, #general-ja, and #general-ko. In the future, we might be able to have arbitrary channels set up automatically by creating through Slack inter...

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patcon 02:38:05
Coming down the pipeline: bridged channels having synced topic/purpose.


[Slack] Sync channel topics over gateway by patcon · Pull Request #585 · 42wim/matterbridge

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. Keeping topic messages sync'd between Slacks can be burdensome. But without syncing, having different information on each channel ...


patcon 17:25:23
just bumped max media upload file size from 1MB up to 1.5MB, so hopefully we get less fails when syncing files between channels


Someone (across chat bridge) 01:47:42
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@null 22:37:32
hey @wim -- I'd bridged your slack with mine, thinking that would help me be available here, but seems there's something I'll have to sort with bot messages :wink:

@null 22:42:27
anyhow, sorry, I've been a bit frustrated in my contributions lately -- mostly my own doing: commenting from the mobile app without proper interface to understand, working too late at night, etc.

@null 22:45:01
i don't want to be any more of a pain -- i feel like this project takes a lot of your time already, so i feel badly about consuming precious attention

@null 22:46:49
your project feels pretty important to me, but i'm thinking maybe I should focus more on working in my own fork and submitting PRs upstream only after i've used them for a bit


@null 04:15:09

@null 04:17:00
@patcon: it seems your message is not being relayed (i saw this now by accident), could you use private chat please ?

@null 04:17:47

@null 04:17:55
ok, slack bridge is working again

@null 04:19:19
no idea, but patcon had a message here that didn't got relayed, the bot wasn't receiving any events anymore (it's running an older version, I'm going to update in a few)

@null 04:19:33
I just saw it by accident


@null 04:20:00
test from slack

patcon 14:26:48


@null 03:23:57
still working?

@null 03:25:56
@patcon seems like your messages (as a legacy API token user) are not relayed, iirc this used to work in the previous versions


patcon 22:41:23
testing with bot token from g0v slack
@null 22:41:56
testing with bot token from matterbridge slack