Month: 2018-10


ttcat (not_staff) 22:22:31
Hi all, I'm just landed
ttcat (not_staff) 22:23:16
Would like to check-in and see if there's anything else we can help and also set up the date for sharing events tomorrow
ttcat (not_staff) 22:23:21
Let me know ;)


klaikongv 09:05:14
Could meet you at the OCF office tomorrow around 4pm?
ttcat (not_staff) 09:06:39
Okay see you then
klaikongv 13:48:41
Ok :ok_hand: see you.
klaikongv 13:49:58
Wed 4pm
ttcat (not_staff) 14:39:40
Ah I thought it’s today
klaikongv 15:00:46
today still ok, are you at the office?
ttcat (not_staff) 15:02:17
klaikongv 15:04:25
ok see you 4 pm.
patcon 17:17:16
Just leaving interview with MG, and omw if anyone still there. If not, I'll drop in tomorrow at 4pm :)
ttcat (not_staff) 17:25:27
FYI @klaikongv @patcon @mglee
mglee 17:25:31
@mglee has joined the channel
klaikongv 17:45:34


pellaeon 14:51:43
@klaikongv have you bought your ticket yet?
klaikongv 18:27:04
not yet, I will do tonight.


pellaeon 13:37:26
@klaikongv the deadline for ticket is tonight, have you bought it?
klaikongv 15:26:26
Yes, I did.
pellaeon 16:02:42


klaikongv 09:32:17
Event today!
Image from iOS
ttcat (not_staff) 15:20:07
Did they record it or livestream it?


klaikongv 14:01:02
No. they didn’t
klaikongv 14:01:45
I’d like to share my paper and slide at all is CC-BY. Thank you.
patcon 14:06:12
I think Shihfen put a tape recorder on the table near you a few minutes into your presentation, so she miiiiiight have one?


ttcat (not_staff) 12:47:43
@patcon have you read “civic tech in global south”?
ttcat (not_staff) 14:03:39
@klaikongv when you will leave taipei
klaikongv 20:15:48
This Saturday
ttcat (not_staff) 21:17:54
Gosh. I don’t think we can eat dinner before you leave;(((
klaikongv 22:38:06
dinner in Bangkok is okay too :slightly_smiling_face:
patcon 22:39:45
Hey @klaikongv, if you want, I can organize something simple like drinks tomorrow after the #jothon meeting at OCF? We could open the invite to any OCF and g0v ppl who can drop in on short notice
patcon 22:40:12
My partner @lizbarry just got in town, so you could meet her!
ttcat (not_staff) 22:49:01
I have dinner appointment at 5 :(
patcon 00:04:51
@ttcat and it goes late? And not mergeable with these plans, huh?
ttcat (not_staff) 00:18:00
not likely…
klaikongv 01:15:03
sound good for me, see you at OCF.
klaikongv 16:10:24
Hi @patcon , today I feel some fever and don’t want to be sick on travel back. Sorry for today that I can not come.
patcon 16:25:53
Ah shoot. Sorry to hear that @klaikongv :( but no worries, I totally understand. Get well soon, and travel safe!
patcon 16:26:46
If you are travelling through Taipei before your flight tomorrow, and have time to grab lunch, pls DM me and I'd love to meet up :)
patcon 15:48:19
I haven't, but looking it up now!
klaikongv 20:15:48
This Saturday
klaikongv 22:38:06
dinner in Bangkok is okay too :slightly_smiling_face:



ttcat_OCF_jothon_staff 22:10:30
@ttcat971 has joined the channel