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meeting notes doc:

Open Cultural Foundation Fellowship

The purpose of this document is to collect information and notes related to patcon's OCF fellowship conversations. General Notes *TFD = Taiwan Foundation for Democracy *OCF.

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social physics book:

Google Books

Social Physics

From one of the world's leading data scientists, a landmark tour of the new science of idea flow, offering revolutionary insights into the mysteries of collective intelligence and social influence If the Big Data revolution has a presiding genius, it is MIT's Alex "Sandy" Pentland. Over years of groundbreaking experiments, he has distilled remarkable discoveries significant enough to become the bedrock of a whole new scientific field: social physics. Humans have more in common with bees than we like to admit: We're social creatures first and foremost. Our most important habits of action--and most basic notions of common sense--are wired into us through our coordination in social groups. Social physics is about idea flow, the way human social networks spread ideas and transform those ideas into behaviors. Thanks to the millions of digital bread crumbs people leave behind via smartphones, GPS devices, and the Internet, the amount of new information we have about human activity is truly profound. Until now, sociologists have depended on limited data sets and surveys that tell us how people say they think and behave, rather than what they actually do. As a result, we've been stuck with the same stale social structures--classes, markets--and a focus on individual actors, data snapshots, and steady states. Pentland shows that, in fact, humans respond much more powerfully to social incentives that involve rewarding others and strengthening the ties that bind than incentives that involve only their own economic self-interest. Pentland and his teams have found that they can study patterns of information exchange in a social network without any knowledge of the actual content of the information and predict with stunning accuracy how productive and effective that network is, whether it's a business or an entire city. We can maximize a group's collective intelligence to improve performance and use social incentives to create new organizations and guide them through disruptive change in a way that maximizes the good. At every level of interaction, from small groups to large cities, social networks can be tuned to increase exploration and engagement, thus vastly improving idea flow. Social Physics will change the way we think about how we learn and how our social groups work--and can be made to work better, at every level of society. Pentland leads readers to the edge of the most important revolution in the study of social behavior in a generation, an entirely new way to look at life itself.

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cc @klaikongv
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@aiya able to see here?
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ah finally im really following 😛
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Aiya 16:08:14
@patcon if you dont mind sharing your final TFD research plan with us — only if you dont mind! I’ve checked our previous email, don’t think you shared with us--guess it was too close to deadline so you send it to TFD straight away
Aiya 16:52:27
hi <!channel> thanks all! i’ve filled in the spreadsheet the contact info as much as i have, if you see any blank and you have their contact, pls help add in. guess @lulu523 would have more than i do, and maybe @ttcat can have the final look? what do you say?
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Just thinking we may add some CSO who did join g0v hackathon or have projects with g0v
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Another one is government agency like national development council and etc
ttcat (not_staff) 17:07:03
Yuting, pm5
Aiya 17:07:40
good idea. i’ll add them in
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Aiya 17:17:18
so now we have both tfd fellow in the channel. Just add Klaikong here, he has been one of the iconic leaders in the field of open data and open govt in Thailand. With his exceptional skill in ICT for Development, Klaikong is currently the Director of ChangeFusion. He has successfully led Change Fusion to encourage social entrepreneurs and grow coding skills that will help young social entrepreneurs understand how to use and work with technology to add value to their products and services. He is specialized in capacity building.
Aiya 17:20:11
and Patcon. Patcon has been one of the most active indicators in the field of civic technology and democracy in Canada, and having exceptional skill in organizing vibrant communities like Civic Tech Toronto. Patcon has researched and observed civic tech development in Taiwan for years, and has contributed in porting vTaiwan (a project of g0v) process into English-speaking context -- positioned among most knowledgeable Western experts on this topic. He has also been working to expand and link global civic tech communities in NYC, Florida, and Taiwan.
Aiya 17:24:35
Klaikong will stay in Taipei for one month (Sep21-Oct20), while Patcon will stay for 3 months(Sep14-Dec17?). Both of you will intend g0v summit, and im pretty sure you shall encounter each other in different occation, even in TFD office i guess. Enjoy your stay in Taipei!
Aiya 17:26:44
since im taking maternity leave soon, i’ll leave your awesome research work to my awesome colleagues in Taipei.
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klaikongv 17:36:52
Thanks Aiya for the introduction, actually I’m a deputy director of Change Fusion.
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Aiya 17:47:49
oooops little mistake 😅 great to know you got visa, safe trip and all the best to taiwan!!!
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klaikongv 17:56:37
Any recommend for local SIM?
I got fareasttone, but that was based on what has the most band/frequency matches on :)
@klaikongv Also, might you be interested in working together on a collaborative doc to help the next fellows get oriented? I thought it might be an interesting way to share with TFD how groups like g0v aspire to work and build knowledge together. I've confirmed with grant officer Shihfen at TFD that she would welcome an unofficial resource, and would be interested to share it with future incoming fellows to build on :)

Anyhow, would love to discuss doing this as a mini-project together, if you're interested, @klaikongv!
ttcat (not_staff) 18:33:26
What’s SIM?
ttcat (not_staff) 18:34:27
BTW don’t miss the biggest LGBT pride parade in the last Saturday of Oct
it’s October 27th by the way (but klaikong will have been back then already?)
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@klaikongv Also, might you be interested in working together on a collaborative doc to help the next fellows get oriented? I thought it might be an interesting way to share with TFD how groups like g0v aspire to work and build knowledge together. I've confirmed with grant officer Shihfen at TFD that she would welcome an unofficial resource, and would be interested to share it with future incoming fellows to build on :)

Anyhow, would love to discuss doing this as a mini-project together, if you're interested, @klaikongv!
patcon 01:14:25
Hi OCF folks: Just realized that I left my antibiotics at the table when I was there today (along with a small towel).

If someone could confirm its there (small orange bottle with my name on it), then I'll stop by in the morning. Thanks!
patcon 10:25:26
<!here> ^^^
ttcat (not_staff) 11:24:34
I’m not in office now
ttcat (not_staff) 11:27:37
Let me ask colleagues now
Got it covered. Just left! Thx anyhow :)
patcon 16:37:22
do OCF folks have a preferred project management tool? I plan to track project tasks, and I might as well choose something that aligns with your way of working 🙂

GitHub issues? Trello? Something else?
we use trello
patcon 16:47:15
could someone with admin access to the grant website visit this link and send me the CSV of all projects?



klaikongv 08:45:57
Good morning, I’m going to TFD. and will go to OCF this afternoon see you there. @patcon @ttcat @pellaeon
patcon 10:10:35
Hi klaikong and all. I unfortunately was in bed with a bad fever all weekend, and was visiting the emergency room until late last night -- thankfully, it ended up being a reassuring diagnosis. But alas, still recovering, and so i'm not able to meet you at TFD today :(
Hope you will recover very soon, take care.
get well soon Patcon!
klaikongv 13:53:52
Going to OCF


patcon 01:01:48
@klaikongv thanks for sharing your project spreadsheet. i feel inspired by it, and might borrow 🙂
pellaeon 12:33:40
@patcon So are you going to create a trello board for both of you? Because I mentioned that to @klaikongv and he also think that's a good idea
pellaeon 12:34:30
If you create the board, please add me so that I can add other people from OCF as well
patcon 13:26:49

vTaiwan - KKTIX

行政院虛擬世界發展法規調適規劃方案的線上法規討論平台,由資策會科技法律研院所與 g0v <|> 專案參與者共同建置,為每項提案徵集工作組,進而提出建議規格、形成法規草案。

patcon 20:20:25
@klaikongv Added the Slack @usernames to vTaiwan notes at top, in case that helps know people (order is in order of introductions)
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patcon 19:26:00
@klaikongv re: sharing interview questions in advance
Brian Hioe, last year's fellow who does interviewing for his work, said that you're right, and we _definitely_ want to provide all questions to participants in advance. He said people are understanding if other spontaneous questions come up, but that having the pre-written ones help them feel comfortable going in.
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pellaeon 22:26:09
@patcon @klaikongv Hey sorry for the last minute change, but if you haven't bought g0v summit ticket using our code, please don't use it for now, the code needs to be changed
Sure thing! when might the new code might be available? :)
Roger that, I didn’t buy the ticket yet.
@klaikongv fyi, we can buy with cash via the "famiport" payment option. Just order ticket online, select that option, then go to a Family Mart and use the famiport terminal:

You'll be able to print off a receipt and pay at the cash register of the market
The terminal screenshots will be slightly different, but buttons are all in same place onscreen
Any update on code, @pellaeon?
Sorry for the delay, it is confirmed that you can use the original code to register
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pellaeon 22:26:37
if you have already bought it then it's fine