Month: 2018-11


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@patcon Congratulations! You’ve already been here for a month!
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@patcon Would you like to meet next Friday morning and let’s talk what you need and what we can help next?
Sure! Let's do that. How about before the jothon meeting timeslot?
ttcat_OCF_jothon_staff 2018-11-02 13:23:38
I can’t. I have meeting every Fri 12:30
ok, morning is doable! would it be possible for me to stay and work until the jothon meeting if we met in the morning?
ttcat_OCF_jothon_staff 2018-11-02 14:45:27
it sounds like you have a tighter schedule that day, so please do suggest a time (My preference is to meet just before your 12:30 meeting, but if you need time for lunch, maybe before that?)
ttcat_OCF_jothon_staff 2018-11-02 15:54:03
It’s ok, let’s meet at 10:30 4th floor


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re: sunday joint interview
cc @bil @mrorz
@mrorz great suggestion on joint interview on Sunday night! I'm just out with my partner today (who's visiting), and she already wants me off computer, but i will jump back here later tonight or tomorrow 🙂 I can just meet and join you where you are, but happy to take suggestions of place and time 🙂
historically, these conversations have been at least an hour each, but could go longer if you have the ability to be generous with your own time (no pressure though!)
I'll jump back on later tonight to coord, but pls do feel free to suggest a location. I can also explain format and commit to sharing questions in advance 😄
which is preferable? a cafeteria or a restaurant for supper?
it’s both a cafeteria and restaurant, perfect.
Meowvelous sounds awesome! And @bil, you mentioned 5pm tomorrow, which works for me :) could go to 7 or 8, but that's adaptable! (Happy to move to a separate table and do two shorter and separate interviews, if that helps.)
One thing though: if its ok with the both of you, I'd love to record. No pressure though. I've been experimenting with the idea of something I've been calling "humane transparency" or using "a default consent". So for example, we could agree "fully recorded, CC-BY licence" as default. But as we talk, you are welcome to adjust how "on-the-record" you'd like to be, and decide if something you have said or are about to say is something you are comfortable with being 100% transparent about. This is about offering ways to be transparent, while not assuming that everything we think and feel is intended for fully public experience. I hope that makes sense!

If anything about that is unclear, im happy to discuss before we start the conversation on sunday :)
Also, will meowvelous have an atmosphere quiet enough to record and have an easily heard conversation?
And again, thanks so so much for being willing to meet up @bil and @mrorz 😊 I know that things are busy these days!
Also, meowvelous opens at 5:30pm, so we'll have to meet then (hopefully spending this much time there is alright? I'll have to leave that to you two to decide :slightly_smiling_face:)
@patcon sorry that we found the message didn't get though, probably networking issue.

We think 5:30pm @ meowvelous would be great, so let's meet then!
I did not see the requirement of doing audio recording.
Meowvelous is very popular, so it's probably not suitable for audio recording
No worries!

And hmmm... Any alternative place suggestions nearby? Audio recording let's me not worry too much about note-taking (and I'd prefer to focus on convo and not notes!)
We are spending the afternoon at NewSquare at the opposite side of exit 2 of MRT Jiennan road station
We are free after 17:00 here, there are some tables at the basement. Maybe we can do interview there?
Ah ok!I have another interview until 5:15pm near meowvelous, so it was already a little tight to travel. But if you're there for awhile, I could prob get to NewSquare for 6pm? Would that work for you both?
Hmm I think we can go find you instead?
In the end, having time is more important than audio quality :)
If it*s a public space near meowvelous
Yeah! I'm open to ideas near meowvelous. We could even do Starbucks :)
BUT I don't mind coming up to jiennan! I just would feel bad if we only got an hour to talk and had to cram it in :)
Oh I mean if you are already in an open space then it may be better itlf we go find you instead
We cannot come up with a place for now
How about this: let's just stay with meowvelous, and if its noisy, we could sit outside in the little park next store, or song-ji park down the street :)
If that sounds good, does 5pm meeting time still work out for that, or should it be a bit later at 5:30pm or 6?
Got it , it works for us :)
5:30 at meowvelous works for us
👍 yay!
My last interview went a tiiiiny bit late, but biking over real quick! Thinking 15 min. See you soon!
Locking bike!
Just got here! Seems like you may have gotten caught on MRT, but I'll get a table :)




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