Month: 2018-10


thebestsophist 02:31:33
(note, there is a possible typhoon going into TW later this week)
devin 09:49:02
I've arrived at the Airbnb. On the WiFi here now. What's everyone's schedule?
devin 13:45:14
Chinese address of the apartment is as follows:
patcon 13:55:39
I've got work and an interview today, but could swing by for 6pm-ish dinner if you're awake :)
devin 14:00:20
sounds good. whats ur chat app of choice? Line?


patcon 14:28:26
sounds like @devin and i were planning to be at the Startup Hub for the vtaiwan meeting at 7pm, so let's make sure that you have a way to get the key!
patcon 14:28:56
@devin might you have brought the 3rd key with you today?
devin 14:29:22
yes I have the extra keys at SIL
thebestsophist 18:21:42
Awesome can y’all give me the address in Chinese? I’ll just hand that to the cab driver


thebestsophist 10:43:20
@patcon plans for the day?
Just a work day so far! Packed up at this hostel and now heading to initiate opening a bank account over near the executive Yuan building. You?
thebestsophist 2018-10-04 13:35:30
@devin and i are heading over to SIL in a few moments
Still there? Omw back from immigration, and getting distracted by pretty things. But I'll try SIL when I pass by :)
thebestsophist 2018-10-04 17:51:35
still here
dzn 15:24:58
hi everyone. Have a wonderful time at the conference 🙂
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dzn 15:25:21
wishes from India.
patcon 17:36:47
Holy god, this place is beautiful


patcon 09:29:41
@devin sorry for your painful night, man. @thebestsophist bought us all breakfast riceballs, and yours is in the fridge waiting for you <3


lizbarry 21:28:13
miss you guys! Wish i was hanging out eating delicious food and biking around Taipei or whatever else you may be doing 🙂 i'll arrive in just over a week
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