Month: 2018-09


devin 09:26:07
Hi folks. I arrive in Taiwan on October 2nd and plan to be in Hong Kong area around the 10th. Will begin to book an AirBnB in the next few days so lemme know if there is anything I should... know.
I'm likely looking to Airbnb too, as I will be hostelling in mid-sept when I arrive. @itsmisscs knows that I no longer have a couch to offer during the summit, so she's on the hunt for an Airbnb too. We could prob group-book?
How many people?
Looks like I can get a $40/night studio apartment between the green and blue lines, (blue being the line that goes to the Summit venue ) so any group deal should be better than that.
Okay - after a bit of research I'd say 1 bedrooms are nice and cheap ($40ish). 2 bedrooms nice and cheap too ($60-$80). 3 bedrooms are actually kinda expensive and not many of them. ($120+). So at this point my inclination would be getting a 1 or 2 bedroom.
thebestsophist 2018-09-08 06:44:31
i would be very happy to join in for the summit—trying to figure out if i am spending other time with family after
what're your Taipei dates?
thebestsophist 2018-09-08 09:12:54
no clue, haven’t bought a plane ticket yet
I’ll have to decide very last minute since I might have to be in India around those dates. Better not to count me in airbnb plans.
That’s where we stayed the last time. It’s a really nice hostel and right next to Tokyo main station.
patcon 12:29:11
Should @thebestsophist be in here too?
devin 12:52:02
ya def


thebestsophist 03:44:29
@thebestsophist has joined the channel
thebestsophist 03:58:17
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devin 06:17:51


devin 00:58:14
I'd like to book my Taipei situation soon so if I don't hear back some affirmative responses in the next day I'll probably go solo.
thebestsophist 2018-09-13 01:22:59
just realized i had double the vacation i thought i did…I can definitely split an airbnb with you the entire time you’re there
if the price isn't too far off from my hostel rate, i could be in for the whole time, but my stipend doesn't pay out until oct 1, so i'd have to be on loan till then...? no pressure, happy to continue hosteling and paying last-minute
whats your hostel rate?
so you two are looking to book tues, oct 2 - wed, oct 10? 8 days?
brb checking
heh $14/night...! sorry, must have been tired when I read the backscroll for the irst time. yeah $120 for 3bdrm seems crazy
i was going to say that staying together seems greater than the sum of parts -- as in, would help us stay in sync, even if we're not saving too much money. but still, that's really surprising that there's nil discount
Do we all want rooms? as in, i'm fine to sleep in common areas, and fine if my room has two beds
I want my own room. $40/night is in my budget and doable for a 1 bedroom so I'd opt for that.
Or I'd do a 2 bedroom with Cordelia
thebestsophist 2018-09-13 06:25:39
2 bed+common area with a couch might work for three of us
ok, did some research. The "fantastic view" place is my fave so far:
nice research here!
fantastic view looks great but it's pretty far from the train.
next listing down seems confusing. Are they saying two beds in one room?
the one entitled ROOT looks okay.
"Whole floor loft" is too far from the trains IMO.
Can we all look at the listing and approve? If so I'm happy to put it on my card. Things are going fast so let's decide in in the next day? @patcon @thebestsophist
thebestsophist 2018-09-17 07:16:44
looks good to me!
something looked a little funny about that one, and I dug a little deeper. i think they typo'd the location. They say there's in "Wenhan District" and near the zoo, and that means they're here:,+Taipei+City,+116/@24.9955491,121.5435135,13z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x3442aa7bbf60f80b:0x285fbedec79cd81a!8m2!3d24.9929212!4d121.57125
So seems that that's not where it looks to be
added three more from the filtered airbnb results. the "Love Taipei" ones seems a bit nicer (washer/dryer = big perk)
any of those look good to me
thebestsophist 2018-09-18 06:41:29
same all look fantastic! washer/dryer is *huge*
Are we 100% sure because the refund policy is very strict. As soon as I book they charge 50%.
10/2-10/10 is the current plan
I'll arrive for 10/2, could leave 10/9 instead of 10/10.
thebestsophist 2018-09-18 08:00:12
i arrive 10/3 and leave 10/12 (probably staying with family afterward) so whatever works for y’all
Okay. Patcon give me a thumbs up and I'll rent it. You're on the couch!
yep! I'm in, if you are fine with reimbursement from me after Oct 1. (And just to confirm, I'm assuming I'm paying a little less with the couch, but happy to wrangle specifics later 🙂 )
thebestsophist 2018-09-19 06:06:55
thebestsophist 2018-09-19 07:53:31
~(can you give me the address? I have to tell the diplomatic office where i am staying)~ nevermind, found it in the airbnb invite!
Thanks devin!
Uh oh the Airbnb is leaking! Message from hosts below.
Hello Devin,
Good day,
We apologize that due to heavy rain in Taiwan last week, this apartment is leaking of water these days. We are trying to fix the problem as soon as we can, but maintenance work cannot finished during the days you stayed.
There are 2 rooms also near the Taipei City Hall MRT station 5min by walk. The website address as below,



Those 2 rooms are private rooms at the same floor. Both have independent bathroom. If it’s ok, we will helping you to transfer the rooms.

Thanks for your understanding, hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

AirBnb cancelled. Asking the ROOT people for a more specific location. Doesn't seem there are many other good AirBnB options for with 2 bedrooms. :/
haha oy, oh man, this is hard
its bed time for me. Let me know what you think. If we can't find another place within a day I'll start looking to book solo.
perhaps silly Q, but you're saying T1 is the same situation as the T1A we have that had the issue?

Or could you ask whether they could offer those two at the same rate??? that's prob crazy town, but you could mention that I am planning to be in taiwan until mid-dec, and if it goes well, he could book long-term during that time 😉
thebestsophist 2018-09-20 22:41:35
(i am happy to go with whatever y’all decide!)
thebestsophist 2018-09-20 22:41:58
(sorry I’m less present than i should be—rushing to the end of an intense project at the end of fiscal year)
@patcon the room linked isn't available those days.
And ROOT is actually by the zoo, not the mapped location, so it's quite far.
AirBNB gave me a $65 coupon because of the cancellation so it'd be $110/night for 7 nights 10/2-10/9.
I booked. Have 48 hours to cancel with no fee.
This is kinda getting into the range that I have to blink at, even with reasonable offset -- I could stay the whole month at my hostel for NT$7700 (ie. $250)
So I think if the amounts go down with just 2 beds (is. No couch), then I think i should tap out...!
what do you want to pay?
USD$10-15/night was my original range?
Also, I have a sleeping bag, and am happy to sleep on floor too
well it's $113 a night. If you pay $13 then it's $50/night for Cordelia and I for a much bigger place than either of us could get on our own.
thebestsophist 2018-09-21 06:20:48
@devin if you’re fine with that, i am, too!
great - and if Patcon wants to sleep on a floor then we could get a 4th into a bedroom. 🙂
thebestsophist 2018-09-21 06:21:20
it’s below my budget, since i guess I’m staying with family afterward
alright - so it's done then. give the listing a last glance and if no action is taken we're in in in.
thebestsophist 01:19:24
I’m booking my plane ticket tonight!
patcon 05:51:45
and we're not feeling this place, huh?

Star Hostel Taipei Main Station, Taipei, Taiwan

Star Hostel Taipei Main Station offers simple but comfortable accommodations near Taipei Main Station.

devin 06:14:30
I'd feel that place but there are no single rooms at this point
👌 1
patcon 13:49:34
ok, did some research. The "fantastic view" place is my fave so far:

g0v summit planning

Accomodations Who's in? patcon, thebestsophist, devin Location: near venue (within an hour?) Map to drag around Nights: Tue, Oct 2 - Wed.

patcon 14:03:05
@thebestsophist any recommendation for best locations?
thebestsophist 19:55:32
i know about as much as y’all do!
thebestsophist 23:35:33
(lol, i have to notify our diplomatic office that i’m going on this trip)
devin 23:51:17
how's the service design for that?


thebestsophist 00:23:55
google form!
thebestsophist 08:11:35
flight booked! I get in on the 3rd (happy to pay for the 2nd even though i’m not there)