Month: 2018-08


devin 14:16:05
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devin 14:16:05
@devin set the channel purpose: g0v summit coordination and beyond
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dzn 14:16:06
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devin 14:17:09
hi folks - should we be discussing g0v summit logistics? I'm certainly comfortable going it alone and doing the whole airbnb thing but maybe we can share some info and organize a better collective solution?
devin 14:19:20
I'm planning on flying out of NYC Oct 1ish so being there a few days before the event and few days after - max 10 days.


itsmisscs 00:35:38
I’m hoping to share with @patcon, if it’s possible to crash at his place.


dzn 03:03:51
@devin hi. I will need some time to figure my stuff out
dzn 03:05:41
Sorry to hijack this channel for asking — what is the a plan for getting the money for Christian? Is it still kickstarter? I am hesitant to start on the production process with him without having the funds in hand.
CC will advance him what he needs to start as to light 🔥 under the Kickstarter project