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patcon 02:26:05
yay yay yay! yo cs can you dm me your email for gcal invites?


patcon 01:02:38
> Center for Urban Pedagogy (NYC)
patcon 01:02:55
these are the folks that @biancawylie said do great consultations in NYC
itsmisscs 01:03:41
they are soooo goood. i love that org


lizbarry 10:10:40
Oh! They are great. I used to go to their fundraisers. I didn't realize they counted as consultation.


patcon 02:59:59
This was shared in code for canada slack, and a friend with that org encouraged us to check it out:

Would it be aligned to help local community run citizen facilitation training in Jo'burg?

Code for All

Code for All Exchange Program #1

#1  Jan-Jun 2018, funded by CfAfrica Objectives The goal of the Code for All’s Exchange Programme is to provide a structured opportunity for member organisations to co-create or share tools, information and best practices among Code for All (CfAll) partners, as well as to promote collaboration on specific projects. Level of Support Code for Africa is going to fund two exchange projects during January-June 2018, each project will receive a grant up to USD 5,000. The funding intends to support for travel costs, a basic stipend to cover living expenses, accommodation or other local needs. Specific arrangements may vary by each project proposal. To receive the funding, applicant will be asked to provide the actual expense receipts. Proposal Requirements for #1 Proposals need to involve at least 3 parties, affiliated with Code for All member organisations, as a way to strengthen the Code for All network. With the grant sponsored by Code for Africa, at least one of the partners need to be an African organization. The meeting / co-creation sessions do not, however, need to take place in Africa. Proposals should be for a co-creation project, that results in a tangible service or tool or artifact. The outputs should be ‘open’, to facilitate re-use by the rest of the Code for All community. Training workshops or other events are not eligible as the primary output of a proposal. Code for All support programmes are meant to amplify work by its member organisations, and are meant to based on a “self-help” ethos. Applicants therefore need to demonstrate that they are providing meaningful matching funding / resources towards the project. Proposals need to include a physical exchange between the project members. Proposals need to include robust and accessible user documentation, to facilitate re-use or knowledge sharing, so that the project serves as a resource for the broader ecosystem. Proposals need to include a realistic outreach / engagement plan, to ensure that whatever resource is created by the project is used by its intended audience. The project / exchange should take place between January-June, 2018. Reporting: Rather than requiring bureaucratic narrative reports, fellowships must produce a “how we did it” or “what we learned” commentary. The format for this commentary will be determined by the nature of each individual exchange project, in consultation with the Code for All Exchange Manager, but could include blog posts or a case study, or a video or presentation or the release of new open source code for a corresponding tool. Application Contact Code for All partners to form the project proposal. Code for Africa: Fill the application form by 20:00 UTC+1, 7th January 2018. The result will be released on Jan 19th, 2018 How to find other partners? I want to replicate/scale my project, or but I don’t know partners in other countries. I’d like to learn from other Code for organizations and I can provide skills and co-create project with them. We’d like to be the host organization and invite people with skills/experience on certain topics to work on our project, how do I find them? I have a great project idea and I want find partners who’d like to make it happen with me! Please shortly describe your project, highlight how you want to scale it or replicate it and elaborate on how will a face-to-face interaction benefit the collaboration? Please put that information on Code for All’s Slack #projectexchange channel, so others can read about your project. Use case: I’m individual, I want to work on my project with other people internationally, because I want replicate, or I want to cover other data geographies … We’re Code for xxxx, we’d like to host an exchange program in our organization which locate in (city, country) during 2018 (Feb to May) to work on (our project)… Then please write on the Slack. Information put on the Slack should be reacted upon by Collaboration Manager (@Bogdan).   For other questions regarding Exchange Program, please contact Exchange Manager for further information. Exchange Manager | Aiya Hsu Code for All’s Slack @Aiya |

VERY COOL. want to share a story. approximately 10 years ago some of my grad school classmates went to Johannesburg to do participatory planning, and as conversations ensued there was a moment where the City of Johannesburg almost funded me and Bill to do "Talk To Me" as part of de-escalating the atmosphere on public sidewalks in advance of the Olympics which would bring a lot of international visitors.
To hear from Jo-'burg again brings back that excitement for me. There's real sustained interest there (based on real divisive violent historical and current social issues) i would love to go there with this group or just have CS and D go
Yaaaay! My brother lived there a year and aaaaalmost stayed. He felt really positively about the community he found there, living in a little activist house in a forested lot in an otherwise urban section of the city
Also, here's the Code for Africa project list. We should look for SYNERGIES and reach out:
This project seems really cool, though I don't this radio and SMS is our preferred medium ;)


itsmisscs 07:54:27
another fellowship…not sure how much law experience one must have
Cool. ISP Visiting Fellows seems to be possible:

> Visiting Fellows have included recent law graduates, academics, activists, government employees, journalists, historians, artists, and technologists.
itsmisscs 13:39:51
> Twice a year we award a number of small grants to a collection of social change agents, no strings attached, in support of their work. We call these Flash Grants and recipients are selected based on nominations from our Fellows. Each award is worth $5,000.
itsmisscs 13:40:38
looks fantastic. i feel like our work fits their mission. Applications for the 1 September 2018 fellowship intake are open. The application round will close on 1 April 2018.
yes this is a good one. i got a shuttleworth flash grant for public lab ~ 5 yrs ago
itsmisscs 13:45:31
workshop. free. must apply

Data & Society

Call for Participants: Data & Society Media Workshop II

Due to strong demand, Data & Society is now offering a second media workshop date: Wednesday, January 10, 2018, 9:30am to 4:30pm Application Deadline: Friday, December 22, 2017. Apply here. Who Should Apply: Journalists and media makers who cover the intersections of society, technolo

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itsmisscs 13:46:34

Data & Society

Data & Society to Launch Disinformation Action Lab Supported by Knight Foundation

Data & Society is pleased to announce generous new support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation to launch the Disinformation Action Lab (DAL), a project to study and analyze propaganda and disinformation threats and develop solutions to address them. The lab will use research to expl

itsmisscs 13:46:50
> The funding is part of today’s announcement that the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation is giving $4.5 million in new funding to eight leading organizations working to create more informed and engaged communities through innovative use of technology. The other organizations receiving support include: Code2040, Code for Science & Society, Columbia Journalism School, DocumentCloud, Emblematic Group, HistoryPin and mRelief.
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patcon 03:25:46
@patcon set the channel topic: PUBLICLY logged. A place to share grant and conference opportunities related to g0vnyc project
lizbarry 23:17:24
I suggest we add to the "To Do" trello or wherever our actual next steps are listed to apply for the 5K Helium grant to support us going to Taiwan in February
it’s not open
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itsmisscs 23:28:09

Uncharted Journalism Fund

Bold experiments to discover new frontiers in reporting.

itsmisscs 23:28:26

The Awesome Foundation

Forwarding the interest of Awesome in the universe, $1,000 at a time.

itsmisscs 23:28:42 (@darshana could be interesting for funding some polis work)

AI Grant

A distributed AI research lab. Get $2,500 in cash for your AI project.

itsmisscs 23:28:57
nice small list



microgrants - A list of microgrant programs for your good ideas


patcon 00:31:10
lizbarry 00:35:38
ok i can write proposals very fast as needed
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itsmisscs 02:14:25
awesome fund seems like the one that we could apply for…it’s 1000
patcon 03:31:03
Could something like this be helpful?

Would we want to start using something like it to track funding opportunities?
itsmisscs 03:37:56
Feel free to copy them over, @patcon. I track the ones that are relevant in our discourse instance
Happy to work wherever. I'll link the trello cards up to soul posts for info capture and so convo will still happen there. (Might just retire that trello in a week or so if it doesn't seem helpful)
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dzn 03:40:34
I am good at editing!! @lizbarry can co-write and edit
patcon 03:49:10
Oh! And there is an open source trello called wekan that has a whole ton of feature parity with trello, for down the road.
oh this look interesting
that’s dope!
this is great!! It looks good.


patcon 14:38:48
One anonymous person giving away $86M in bitcoin by application:

Perhaps we could apply in conjunction with an article's release?

Also, put that on Public Lab's radar @lizbarry..!
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patcon 23:54:49
Also, here's the Code for Africa project list. We should look for SYNERGIES and reach out:



lizbarry 04:35:32
ok who's point person on submitting to Awesome Foundation? i can write just let me know
dzn 05:49:30
@lizbarry on our end @itsmisscs has been appointed 😉 task lead for this trip coordination.
dzn 05:49:52
I’m still ears deep in previous wrapping up some of previous projects.
dzn 05:50:19
@lizbarry @itsmisscs @patcon let’s have a kick-off meeting and start doing the coordination
dzn 05:50:41
we can start a trello board and such
dzn 05:57:20
also, @lizbarry you should please start writing if you have time!! I can edit
itsmisscs 06:38:14
should we all submit to awesome as individuals?
itsmisscs 06:38:19
or as a group?
patcon 07:28:33
> as individuals or a group?

I would understand either approach, but i personally feel curious about the idea of trying to do stuff together, since its our early days. Strikes me as a cooperative mentality! (In my old work, we experimented with team analogies like a momma bird feeding the team, and I like the idea of being momma bird in the writing, then we later talk on who gets, perhaps weighting more strongly toward the people involved in writing? I dunno just riffing. Eager to hear other perspectives!)
patcon 07:32:32
<!here> also, would ppl be open to this channel being for general events/grants? Maybe #vnetwork-grants-conf?
dzn 09:46:25
was looking at their grants, I agree.. let’s apply as a group. Will be better. then we work together and don’t compete
dzn 09:47:28
also, lets talk about expenses in general. then we can know how much more we need and discuss how best to get that
dzn 09:48:35
I will check on the personal expenses I had in taiwan (eating etc.) and come up with a daily estimate
lizbarry 21:43:48
awesome! that would be a great contrib @darshana. also @itsmisscs put my mind somewhat at ease by discussing what the monthly apartment rental rate was as well as a daily hostel rate -- both hovering around USD$20/day
lizbarry 22:00:10
Here's a world editable doc for AwesomeFDN because i'm living dangerously at 9am on a saturday 😂
ok, my first draft is writing in @darshana and @itsmisscs's voice, and referring to myself in the 3rd person 😂 it's all editable, so.....
Loving a dangerous Saturday! Just got to my abuelita’s house. An ordeal of travel delays and traffic jams. Settling in and then will check it out. Thanks so much @lizbarry!
awesome @itsmisscs. OK -- There's not a Toronto chapter, so no option for reuse for Patcon. I just found a chapter in Alamance-fudging-county, North Carolina (remember we went to Saxapahaw, @patcon?) and also Raleigh-Durham, NC, -- what i'm getting around to saying is that we should fan out and hit up other small travel support because this $1K from NYC isn't going to support the four of us
I agree! Hence my initial thought to apply as individuals since they handout a few. I like the idea of collective app though :) pool and split
@lizbarry took a look at your writing and put in suggestions.
Thanks for jumping in and writing ❤️❤️
We can modify this slightly and send it around to other chapters. We will probably have to stress on the part to show them how it would value their region



patcon 10:50:10
*IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics*

Special Sessions due Feb. 28, 2017! Maybe we could ask Paul Pangaro whether any angle of what we're working on fits within the conference purview?
This looks SUPER cool. Let’s start thinking of submission.
patcon 11:39:56
dammit! this just happened in Toronto 😕

PublicConsultation (@PublicEngagemnt) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from PublicConsultation (@PublicEngagemnt). Updates on #UrbanPlanning, #EconomicDevelopment, #Consultation &amp; #Sustainability in North America. Join us Dec 6-7, 2017 in Toronto | #PubCon2017. Toronto, ON

itsmisscs 15:08:10
IEEE is having a cybernetics conference?!?!? Whaaaa
itsmisscs 15:08:20
Dope find @patcon
patcon 15:48:14
patcon 15:48:51
we should toooooootally creep on the past sessions to situate ourselves
patcon 15:50:47
also, added deadlines and events to an airtable calendar earlier today:


patcon 02:54:26
fyi, sent msg yesterday to the organizers of this event, to see if it's happening again in 2018:

if so, then there is a super-cheap airfare deal from toronto->singapore, that just got announced today (prob similarly cheap from nyc, with some tweaking):

Online Deliberation

DDM 2017

Visit the post for more.

Toronto to Singapore, and then home from the Philippines - $590 CAD roundtrip including taxes

United Airlines and All Nippon Airways are showing open jaw flights where you fly from Toronto to Singapore - and then home from Manila, Philippines - for $590 CAD including taxes. The flight between Manila and Sing...

patcon 02:58:40
seems that SMC (systems, man, cybernetics) sponsors some other events that we should check out and maybe add to our calendar:
patcon 03:30:22
my favourite talk title from the "mechatronics" track of one of these events:

> Determination of Track Straightness and Parallelism of a Sandwich Producing Machine
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patcon 03:31:03
mechatronics is apparently not always as cool as its name implies 😀
patcon 06:15:53
the "Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design" annual conference seems most interesting so far:
patcon 06:17:00
> Split Expertise Transfer: An Innovative Collaborative Approach to Support Accelerated Expertise Transfer
patcon 06:17:14
> WeCollaborate: Citizen Collaboration for Government Problem-Solving
patcon 06:17:33
> Content Summarisation of Conversation in the Context of Virtual Meetings: An enhanced TextRank Approach
patcon 06:18:41
> A System of Systems Architecture for Supporting Decision-Making
patcon 06:18:55
omg so many good sessions last year! 🎉


itsmisscs 06:26:55


Ontario Digital Inclusion Summit

The Public Policy Forum in partnership with the Government of Ontario will be hosting The Ontario Digital Inclusion Summit where leaders from all sectors will have the opportunity to share insights, identify knowledge gaps and set a course to work on digital inclusion together. The summit will focus on three themes: Access, adoption and application. We look forward to welcoming a diverse group of people at the Summit from all walks of life and representing a wide range of experiences, sectors and geographies. Day one – February 9, 2018: Learn. Be challenged. Be inspired. Day one is all about understanding the context surrounding digital inclusion in Ontario. Expect a day of listening, learning and hearing from some of the top thinkers in this space alongside a vibrant group of people with interest and passion for the topic. The day will feature a mix of keynotes and presentations from a variety of speakers covering a range of ideas related to digital inclusion. Stay tuned for speaker announcements! Day two – February 10, 2018: Share and surface If day one helps us explore the “what” of digital inclusion, day two is all about the “so what?” and “now what?” Expect an action-packed day of sharing, shaping and working with fellow participants to identify and surface some of the key opportunities, challenges and questions in this space. The day will focus primarily on facilitated generative conversations and activities in small groups.   All tickets include entry, lunch and snacks throughout the day. Note that day one will be livestreamed through the web and recorded for later viewing should you be unable to attend in person. Sign up to the mailing list and follow us on social media to receive details on this! To inquire about travel subsidies that may be available or if ticket cost is prohibitive please reach out to <|>.

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patcon 06:40:39
Nice! Bummer than the proposal window closed a few weeks ago. (Some ctto folks are part of organising it)

I'll add then when on desktop. (I'll use the 📁 reaction emoji when I put something in the knowledge base / calendar)
patcon 06:55:07
Heard back from organisers of last years DDM conf -- being organised again this year by an academic named Todd Davies.

Co-authored this book:

Will hopefully hear from him on dates

University of Chicago Press

Online Deliberation

Can new technology enhance local, national, and global democracy? Online Deliberation is the first book that attempts to sample the full range of work on online deliberation, forging new connections between academic research, web designers, and practitioners. Since the most exciting innovations in deliberation have occurred outside of traditional institutions, and those involved have often worked in relative isolation from each other, research conducted on this growing field has to this point neglected the full perspective of online participation. This volume, an essential read for those working at the crossroads of computer and social science, illuminates the collaborative world of deliberation by examining diverse clusters of Internet communities.

Heard back from Todd, and planning for 2019 event, not 2018 :(
patcon 22:45:38


Tickets go on sale later today for the Digital Inclusion Summit. They are limited and expected to move fast. We'll keep you posted. #InclusionON <|@mhellstern> <>

patcon 22:47:16
Also, European *Personal Democracy Forum* in late April!

Proposal deadline is Dec 31!
We met the organizers at TicTec. Their great!
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lizbarry 04:50:38
>In 2014 the Chicago Community Trust, one of the nation’s largest community foundations, launched a series of dinners across the city through a program called On the Table (, to discuss community problems and brainstorm possible solutions. In 2014, the first year, almost 10,000 city residents participated. In 2017, almost 100,000 Chicago residents took part. Recently the Trust added a grants component ( to the program, awarding more than $135,000 in small grants to help participants translate their ideas into action.

>Similar events now take place in 25 other cities, and under the auspices of other philanthropies like the Knight Foundation (

Knight Foundation

Seats at the table: Community conversations create solutions to common problems - Knight Foundation

As a national foundation with deep local roots in 26 Knight communities, we look to learn from the best ideas around the country. We have seen across our cities the power of breaking bread. Sharing a...



patcon 03:28:25
Heard back from Todd, and planning for 2019 event, not 2018 :(
itsmisscs 03:53:13
time is a good thing 🙂
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itsmisscs 03:53:20
thanks for following up @patcon
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patcon 23:24:36
Long-shot funding sources: Captain America (ie. Chris Evans)
patcon 23:27:30

> “Lately all I’ve been thinking about is politics,” he says, before launching into a sincere monologue about what that means. Because he’s not thinking about congressional districts, or immigration reform. When he says he’s thinking about politics, he’s really thinking about how we’re supposed to live our lives in these crazy times.
> “It’s not just Trump’s policies, or politics, or his behaviour. It’s just shined a light on how to treat one another and I question whether we’ve forgotten the technique behind discourse; the actual art of disagreeing with someone while still respecting our humanity,” he continues. “People are so polarized right now, and the issues are so personal, that this rage has crept in and it’s made for very little patience, and understanding, and empathy. It’s almost become not, ‘your opinion versus my opinion,’ but in certain people’s minds, ‘good vs. evil.’ and people don’t want to compromise with evil.”

Sharp Magazine

Chris Evans Is Tired of Feeling Inauthentic

In ‘Gifted,’ we finally see what he stands for.

patcon 23:35:29
Only half kidding :)
lol. I’d be up for getting money from Captain America.
wow he's talking the talk about discourse -- who do we know who can get in touch with him?
Hm. He follows very few people on twitter, but Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is one... I might find a connection there through another Canadian astronaut I know, but long shot. You have any connections to him through open science?



patcon 23:13:17
Vitalik is an acquaintance from early bitcoin stuff in toronto, and seems to be looking for more impact in tech/blockchain:

Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines

'Heed these words of warning:' Ethereum founder threatens to leave if the crypto community doesn't grow up

Ethereum's founder is fed up with the immaturity of the cryptocurrency community. Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, thinks crypto is heading in the wrong direction. Buterin, 23, on Wednesday lamented the immaturity of communities across the cryptocurrency market.


Also, if you come up with something interesting, note that my advisor token donation fund IS active and has already parted with over $1m, and you may be eligible. Never hurts to quietly put up an ETH address. <>


I'm announcing that 100% of my <|@omise_go> + <|@KyberNetwork> *advisor shares* will be either (i) donated to charity (AMF, GiveD, SENS etc) or...

patcon 23:14:49
He's familiar with vtaiwan and has met Audrey. I get the impression vtaiwan is something he might be supportive of:


<|@VitalikButerin> Speaking of blocksize: thoughts on running <|@audreyt>/<|@g0vtw>'s #vTaiwan process as attempt to break stalemate?

patcon 23:14:59
I'll reach out sometime soon
patcon 23:18:28
Haha I have a strong feeling that a hug I gave him in SF perhaps contributed to this being a T-shirt he was known for wearing: :facepalm: