Month: 2017-09


itsmisscs 06:03:24
@darshana tight deadline but simple application-ish
itsmisscs 06:03:34
maybe email them and see if housing project fits?
itsmisscs 06:03:40
or just put on the list for next year
dzn 06:08:11
sounds awesome but so tight. we should ask for deadline extension
dzn 06:08:15
A 500-word letter of intent that describes your project
A url to a website that showcases your project or body of work
A CV (or multiple CV’s if applying as a collective)
An informational diagram that describes your stakeholder network and/or project participation
dzn 06:08:37
This is what they need
itsmisscs 06:08:45
let’s see how far we get with our current body of work
dzn 06:09:11
we should ask them for deadline extension
itsmisscs 06:09:11
if we feel it is possible, we do it, otherwise, we apply next year
dzn 06:09:32
I think trying to do this and Taiwan simultaneously would mean that we do neither well
dzn 06:09:56
I did slack Christina though 🙂
itsmisscs 06:10:59
just taiwan then
dzn 06:15:57
I think. We have much on our plate for Taiwan. But… we could just take what we do for taiwan and send it to them. As in, the project description for the unconference, Talk to NYC and our CVs
dzn 06:16:17
let’s not add much more though
dzn 06:16:27
keep Taiwan as priority
dzn 06:16:40
At the very least, they remember us for the next round
dzn 06:16:57
and that will be good. shows commitment and they will see things have moved
itsmisscs 06:40:04
sounds good!
itsmisscs 06:40:15
great points ++
dzn 06:41:22
cool 🙂
itsmisscs 18:36:02
@darshana ran into deisha yesterday when i went to get a couple things. she asked about the videos. did they get uploaded?


itsmisscs 00:14:54

@darshana I haven't read the logistics but


Tribeca and AT&amp;T are looking to give an underrepresented filmmaker $1M for their project <> <>

dzn 00:15:54
we must apply!!
🎉 1
dzn 00:16:21
let’s brainstorm strategy a bit since they seem to want seasoned film makers
dzn 00:16:44
time to get those lessons from your friend and make many segments 🙂
lizbarry 08:59:58
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itsmisscs 20:06:37


The SRCCON:WORK call for proposals is open! Share your ideas for sessions on collaboration, career growth, and care. <>


ralflin 09:12:16
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