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lizbarry 21:50:55
anyone going to today? @devin @itsmisscs @darshana @patcon ?

Humanitarian Blockchain Summit | Fordham

Humanitarian Blockchain Summit -

dzn 21:53:53
Sounds most cool. At the platform coop conference

Platform Cooperativism

2017 Conference: Platform Cooperativism

The Peopleā€™s Disruption: Platform Co-ops for Global ChallengesĀ  REGISTRATION The first platform cooperativism event in 2015 popularized the #platformcoop idea, and the second event in 201ā€¦

lizbarry 21:56:30
until what time are you guys are @darshana @patcon ? i'm teaching a couple blocks away until around 6:30pm -- can i come meet you there?


itsmisscs 01:19:57
we have a dinner to get to, but maybe @darshana can squeeze it in? iā€™m going to be leaving around 6 to drop of mitra.
lizbarry 02:17:14
ok no worries! i'm gonna pick up patcon and run and plan to see everyone SUNDAY
lizbarry 02:17:38
followed by a walk over the Williamsburg bridge with the neon mannequin for Orbital šŸ™‚
dzn 02:26:09
I'm with a friend from Princeton at conference. Also phone is dying. @lizbarry let's plan for Sunday?
lizbarry 02:26:29
perfect !
lizbarry 03:36:39
also this for February 2018:

Intelligent Mischief


#WakandaCon supports fans of the Black Panther movie in organizing and/or attending all-black viewings/theater take overs during the first week of the movie's release in February 2018.

lizbarry 03:43:50



microgrants - A list of microgrant programs for your good ideas

lizbarry 03:44:21

Helium Grant

Helium Grants are a $5,000 no strings attached grant for any person and any purpose.

What about applying to fund the Taiwan feb facilitation trip?
wow actually yes lets!
drat. it isnā€™t on a rolling basis
i found another possibility this weekend
dang! u mean shuttleworth?
but i believe it runs on a cycle


itsmisscs 23:47:23
@darshana submit anytime and they get in touch withing 45 days

Ford Foundation

Our grants

Learn about the foundation's grant making.

itsmisscs 23:53:06
published on 10th


patcon 05:01:14
@patcon has joined the channel


dzn 00:24:24
ARE WE HUMAN? : The Design of the Species : 2 seconds, 2 days, 2 years, 200 years, 200,000 years ^^
lizbarry 03:09:53
Thinking this might be interesting to @itsmisscs: the Participatory Design Fellowship: deadline Dec 7

Design Trust for Public Space

Apply for the "Power in Place" Project Fellowships by December 7

The Design Trust for Public Space, in partnership with South Bronx Unite will award three fellowships for the Power in Place: Building Community Wealth and Well-Being in Mott Haven-Port Morris project in mapping, community planning, and participatory design. The fellowship in mapping has already been awarded to Monxo Lopez from South Bronx Unite.Building on a deep legacy of community organizing roots, Power in Place will make the case for community-prioritized use of land in the Mott Haven-Port Morris area. The project will explore the potential of the Community Land Trust  (ā€œCLTā€) as a model for public space and will create a mapping framework and a series of maps, develop a community-driven plan for this neighborhood and a communi...

Did you ever have time to apply for this CS?


dzn 04:09:58


The Internet We Want

Big Tech is broken. Suddenly, a wide range of journalists and politicians agree that something has gone horribly wrong with the internet. How can the Left seize this opportunity to advance a radical vision for digital democracy?Ā To discuss this question, and to celebrate the release of Logic's third issue, JUSTICE, we invite you to join a panel discussion with:Cathy O'Neilā€”mathematician, data scientist, and author of Weapons of Math DestructionTrebor Scholzā€”scholar, activist, and leading proponent of "platform cooperativism"Astra Taylorā€”filmmaker, writer, and author of The People's Platform Evan Malmgrenā€”writer, author of an article in Logic's new issue on municipal broadbandMoira Weigelā€”postdoctoral fellow at Harvard, cofounder of Logic, and author of a recent Guardian Long Read on tech worker organizingModerated by Ben Tarnoff. Co-sponsored by NYC-DSA Tech Action.Accessibility info: The venue is accessible by elevator. Please let us know if we can provide any further information.

itsmisscs 04:56:00
itsmisscs 04:56:09
verso ā¤ļø
itsmisscs 04:56:11
i miss class
itsmisscs 04:56:37
i was going to be in DR though. I wonder if they will record/streamā€¦.
dzn 05:09:36
they usually do


patcon 14:41:44
Nice find! Got it in the calendar. Livestream party if anyone's down
itsmisscs 21:55:03
@patcon i will be in the livestream party