Month: 2019-09


Mar Llera 19:29:17
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Mar Llera 19:34:18
Hi, I'm an Associate Professor at Seville University (Spain), former MOFA Taiwan Fellow in 2017 and 2018. I've received funds from Taiwan Foundation for Democracy to organize a workshop on TW Digital Democracy and Ciberhacktivism. Audrey Tang will participate through video-conference on Nov. 15 at 16.30 pm and I wish to invite someone from your platform #g0v_tw such as Claire Cheng @claire or Isabel Hou @isabelhou Please, write to me by email: mllera@us.es so that I can further explain this initiative to you. Thks so much!!
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isabelhou 06:07:38
@mllera Hi Mar. sent our an mail to you, please check. Thanks.
claire 14:12:54
Hi, I just send you an mail. Thanks