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PLS DO READ <3 cc @chihao @thebestsophist @Danny

<|source>: _PLS DO READ &lt;3 <> cc <@U03CX883V> @thebests..._

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<|source>: _Thoughts on renaming this channel to #tech-workers-coop? To make it more self-descriptive for skimme..._

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<;cid=CD8LNSGMN|source>: _Is this channel a co-op? _

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<;cid=CD8LNSGMN|source>: _it might make sense to call it #g0v-tech-workers _


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<;cid=CD8LNSGMN|source>: _i believe the original intention was after that convo, for ppl interested in discussions around and ..._

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<;cid=CD8LNSGMN|source>: _but heh, case in point for improving the name, maybe :slightly_smiling_face:_

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<;cid=CD8LNSGMN|source>: _The original intent was for people to share their struggles about tough jobs, low pay, working overt..._

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@chihao @Felipe想法?

<;cid=CD8LNSGMN|source>: _<@U03CX883V> @Felipe thoughts?_

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哦!我完全誤解了。 (我參加會議的時間已經很晚了,並且認為這是關於在台北開始合作社的,我認為這是為了保持動力並導致一些行動。)無論如何,我只希望這有一個頻道與我們在這裡的任何ppl感覺對齊的名稱:)

<;cid=CD8LNSGMN|source>: _Oh! I totally misunderstood. (I was late for the meeting, and thought it was about starting a co-op ..._

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<;cid=CD8LNSGMN|source>: _Haha I guess this is like classic rare example of when channel purpose is good to have_


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@patcon ++試圖讓事情變得更好。我的想法與@Danny相似

<;cid=CD8LNSGMN|source>: _<@U4MCXJKNC> ++ for trying to make things better. My thoughts are similar to @Danny_

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<;cid=CD8LNSGMN|source>: _Ok, I was out of sync, but glad to be back in! Sorry for the noise y'all! _

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<;cid=CD8LNSGMN|source>: _Noise is great!_

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好吧,我自己的頻道名稱建議扔到帽子是'#tech-work-solidarity` :)

<;cid=CD8LNSGMN|source>: _Ok, my own channel name suggestion to toss in the hat is `#tech-work-solidarity` :)_

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Ah yes, and I will turn off english-to-mandarin translation in here. I told someone I would and forgor
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<;cid=CD8LNSGMN|source>: _<@U4MCXJKNC> lest it go unsaid, the intention for this channel was also to make connections between g0v a..._

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<;cid=CD8LNSGMN|source>: _Could we bridge so we each have this channel for sharing on our own home-turf? Then ppl don't need t..._


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<;cid=CD8LNSGMN|source>: _Wait.. Why have two channels, exactly?_

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為什麼:所以這裡有一個在g0vtw鬆弛(方便台灣ppl)和它在twc鬆弛橋接到另一個(方便twc成員誰可以理解沒有那麼多時間花在另一個鬆弛)。這是你的意思嗎? :)

<;cid=CD8LNSGMN|source>: _Why: so there's one here in g0vtw slack (convenient for taiwan ppl) and its bridged to another in th..._


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<;cid=CD8LNSGMN|source>: _Yeah this channel resulted from a session we had between workers discussing similarities and differe..._

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<;cid=CD8LNSGMN|source>: _It would be great to keep those conversations going as I learned a lot from our Taiwanese counterpar..._

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Re: bridging techworkerscoalition slack with g0v, potentially using this channel.

wanted to bring this other topic up to channel level:

Could we bridge so we each have this channel for sharing on our own home-turf? Then ppl don't need to be as committed as you two to say "hi" :)

@phiven @stationaery feel really in agreement with your comments in thread. alas, sorry, i apologize for being dense, but i'm still uncertaain on how you two feel about bridging slacks for this channel and one in twc slack. as i understand that, the goal would be to create an overlap in which g0v and twc people can most easily occupy. (ie. the IRC effect of "every interaction is /join away" rather than "register and /join")

would y'all feel that aligned and supportive of what you're aspiring for in being here? 🙂
Maybe when there is any indication of a need for that, it’d be worth doing. But right now I believe we’re seeing a need is for people in this channel to have more conversations about what we’re experiencing and why we think that happens and generally just being in this space.. and maybe we can add more bridges or whatever after activity demands it
Ok, with the qualification below: as you wish :)

With genuine respect, I should admit the "wait for need" positioning of bridging does feel akin to saying of civic hackathons "they'll come when there's a need", which feels slightly off if the philosphy of the format is connection -- more about emergence, than reaction.

But that's a very personalised read through my own ways of moving :)

I was saying I can make the bridge connection for free at near-zero time cost to anyone on your end (just regular slack account requested like any new slack member), but it sounds like you're requesting that I don't. (i.e. more than "i don't personally think we need", but rather as a thoughtful yet firm block on my taking action.) Pls correct me if I'm misinterpreting :heart:


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By way of analogy, We can also make a google drive - but what would we put in it?

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Hello team!!


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Hello, Merry Christmas !!!
An important question, how is it possible to work remotely from China if your company is in the USA, how to use slack or google or what options there are to supply these platforms, HELP!