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claudiahleung 04:45:20
found this viz today — apparently 50% (!!) of people (consistent across age, ideology, gender, position on brexit) get their news from national TV!!! the site doesn’t specify which of these sources people rely on most, but i think its pretty crazy + we’d be missing out by not conducting research into the coverage of the migrant crisis on national TV.

any thoughts on how we can analyse national TV coverage? would twitter/social media coverage of content suffice as a proxy for what’s aired?
patcon 18:06:29
this project has a few prongs, but one prong that came up was to create a polis convo populated with seed statements gathered from a diverse source of real sentiments (in news articles and related social media discussing articles). We can probably run this a few times, since the audience online isn't easily exhaustible. It could eventually build on @claudiahleung's work to scrape and catalogue all related articles over time, though I suspect a polis conversation can be run early (with minimal depth of current news sources) without being blocked by the building of that scraper. Yay for decoupled and complementary parts 🎉
patcon 18:09:28
There are a couple *todos* mentioned in the notes -- a rough system to coordinate some work was scaffolded out via the spreadsheet column headers. We discussed doing some *collective work next week*, but if anyone is eager before then, it's totally possible to start doing some preliminary gathering in the spreadsheets :)
patcon 18:14:51
tl;dr we're gathering examples of "pull quotes" from articles of various political leanings, and also from social media sources discussing those articles. The idea is to, when the next polarizing news event on immigration hits the feeds, we've have a pre-populated polis conversation (seeded with biased statements from news that straddle real memes floating around in the minds of UK residents).

The link to our "polis conversation" (as is the generic name for this interactive survey) can be peppered in the comments and social media threads for various articles where active discussion is happening. And the hope is that the *polis conversation can be a third space, outside the divisive news sources, to "burst the filter bubbles" (as attendee Luca wonderfully put it)!*
ael 18:28:07
Have you guys had a GitHub or GitLab repo ? Just curious where to find the codes



patcon 23:44:08
I'm having a minor health issue I need to check out, so heading to the emergency room, but I'll mostly be waiting around, so I'll try to troop away on that spreadsheet and be in chat :) hit me up



patcon 21:28:26
I've been thinking about how to incentivize people doing the labour of creating and submitting new and nuanced "majority opinion" statements. I wonder if we could give away *free newspaper subscriptions* to those who do that work 🤔