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@maggiekim35 set the channel description: Accomdemy from a science, Accomdemy = Accompany + Academy. We hope that through the online sharing session based on the Companion Learning model, everyone who wants to learn on their own will step on a journey that is fun and not alone!
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\ 伴伴學 /
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@maggiekim35 可以跟你要伴伴學的 logo 檔嗎?剛好我們最近在修零時小學校網站~
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Fly 每週五晚八點揪伴伴學大大們開趴 Social,今天聊早知道就好的APP混搭術,歡迎大家光臨

@leo424y#edu fork 出去再從 #edu-accomdemy merge 回來 XD

中間還不小心入了 #gather 坑 XD

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@paul.bjhsu set the channel topic: 社團!
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伴伴學:皮爸陪你開箱示波器 RIGOL-DS1054Z

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BW16 Accomdemy EVB - HackMD

# BW16 Accomdemy EVB ## 簡介 ### 什麼是伴伴學? > 伴伴學 Accomdemy 是由一群來自科技圈、新創圈、教育圈的夥伴們自發性組成的自學組織。Accomdemy =

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paul.bjhsu 20:37:44
主題:伴伴學:朱琪陪你在 AmebaD 上運行 TensorFlow Lite 模型
時間:2021 年 7 月 29 日 08:00 下午 台北
加入 Zoom 會議
會議 ID:876 9251 7034

簡單介紹 TFL 工作原理,和 Hello World 模型的訓練。以及如何在AmebaD (RTL8722DM + RTL8722DM_MINI) 上運行 TFL Hello World 示例
參考網址:[Tensorflow Lite for Embedded System](
[Zhu Qi](


TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers

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Z Maggie 20:37:41
Sharing Topic: Accomedmy x MakerGram: Salman shares how to build a Physical Chrome Dino Jump Game
Sharing Content: A physical Chrom Dinosaur Jump game built based on a machine learning platform called Edge Impulse using Wio Terminal as the hardware base
About Mentor: Salman Faris:

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