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kaizumaki 16:58:48
This is a suggestion about the usability of ARAY. We worked on it at the recent Code for Japan Social Hack Day.
I had mistakenly assumed that ARAY was using the github API. It doesn’t, does it? So it includes comments that sometimes have different intentions.
John Huang 2021-07-06 05:36:09
well, not yet haha. Here is the card

However, I did try something with github API with the prior project
There are some limitations for integrating with Github (like rate limiting and credentials.)
I see. If so, our suggestions on jamboard may be of some help.



t0fus (Terry) 00:34:19


bess 12:19:14
@little78926 was invited to join `AWS 2021 Summit Online Taiwan` to introduce ARAY as speaker.

<#C0250L50324|edu-aray> 工程師 <@UTERREFB5> 受邀參加 `2021 AWS 台灣雲端高峰會` 介紹 ARAY <>

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蘇冠彰 20:07:29
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bess 17:58:40
Most issues of ARAY are in English now. Thanks @little78926! cc @hal @kaizumaki



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t0fus (Terry) 00:30:21
Does anyone else wanted to improve the interface design of Aray with me 👀👀👀
Just seen some of the parts of it need to be fixed
I will work on it tomorrow’s afternoon
How you want to improve?
kaizumaki 10:54:16
Tomorrow is Code for Japan’s Social Hack Day. I am going to contribute to ARAY as I did last time. Can I work on issues that has been raised in the ARAY github repository?
Yes 🙌
@little78926 Do you have some priority for issues?
I will think about ARAY’s logo tomorrow…
Good idea!
Yeahhh, we got Noriko-san join for logo
hayashi 13:04:07
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hayashi 13:10:06
I am a Code for Japan’s designer! Nice to meet you everyone!
(I'm not good at English ^^
\ hayashi-san /
\ bass💛 /
\ hayashi-san / welcome
\ isabel💛 / 🥭 thank you!
ロゴ作成中 \o/ by Hayashi-san
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t0fus (Terry) 22:38:39
Just created a figma file for Aray, and I put all of the improvement notes on it (noted on social hack day, CFJ)
In this afternoon, I slightly modified the button of the “task” page in the project (or pit) profile, and roughly design the landing page of the site. Hope doing this will help you. Feel free to edit it, if you have any questions, I will be happy to hear about it 😉

Figma file:



Created with Figma

t0fus (Terry) 2021-07-23 22:41:21
and here’s the following notes:
我整理了一下 UI/UX 共筆


kaizumaki 12:09:58
@little78926 I tried to integrate transifex into github, but I couldn’t do it because I didn’t have my permission. Have you received any email notifications from github?
スクリーンショット 2021-07-24 13.04.03.png
Thank you, I completed setting!
bess 15:54:42
ロゴ作成中 \o/ by Hayashi-san

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bess 20:34:34
Hi guys let me remind you the `COSCUP 2021` at this weekend! John & I will share Sch001 & ARAY project in Taiwanese Mandarin.
Their online event venue at Gather Town is huge and amazing, don’t forget to join!


Sch001 2021: Road of Community Self-learning - COSCUP 2021 | Conference for Open Source Coders, Users, and Promoters

Sch001 is a g0v project focused on education, which aims to promote the conce...

嗨大家,本週末就是 COSCUP x RubyConf Taiwan (Ruby Taiwan) 2021 了,今年零時小學校 + ARAY <#C0250L50324|edu-aray> 的議程歡迎來聊聊~ *2021/07/31 Sat. 12:20 ~ 12:50 TR313 Open Source Education* `零時小學校 2021 社群自學之路` by Bess Lee (g0v jothon), John Huang <|>



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