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緬甸人民的決定:後政變時期的假設 - 翁婉瑩 (@reprily)


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@pm5 set the channel topic: Let see what we can do for the Myanmar people. Public channel.
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I think there have been some NGOs and student organizations drilling on this issue, maybe we can think about how to help through open-data (like creating a news feed or issue mind map?)
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At the risk of reducing human lives into numbers, AAPP is publishing some data

AAPP | Assistance Association for Political Prisoners

The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners , also known as AAPP, is a non-profit Burmese human rights organization based in Mae Sot, Thailand.

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Thanks @pm5! Hi all 👋🏻
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Particularly curious if anyone in this slack team has personal or professional connections in myanmar. Do we know anyone like that?
I am working for Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, and we do have an office in Yangon with local staff
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I have connections with a few people there because of working in opendata and civichacking
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News about Myanmar seems to be starting to fade out of the focus of the public recently (please bear with my poor translation)
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另外 @pm5 當時是在 #intl 上發布這個頻道的消息,想問說有想要讓更多人知道這個頻道的存在嗎?像在general上說之類的?
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