Month: 2021-04


pm5 03:51:19
There hasn't been any 😌 but I totally get the need. Started one and threw the things I have so far in there


Matterbridge to connect slack workspaces and chat rooms

It's so funny to me to realize what a drastic difference I feel in my mind (re: do I understand this project?) as soon as the simplest repo is shared..! even just to know "oh, nothing else exists" :grinning: you just made me realize how addicted I am to open source logic :) thanks pm5!
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pm5 03:59:58
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pm5 16:55:53
threading still doesn't work very well it seems... @patcon do you know about the current state of threading support in matterbridge? after all you were the one who implemented it 😌
patcon 22:38:25
It forgets any top-level message ID every time it restarts, and then can't rethread. so if you restart often, it's pretty useless 😞 are you restarting much?
patcon 22:40:37
It felt pretty high prio for me way back to abstract a new cache backend that could be persistent, and not just in-memory, and I'm kind surprised if that's not done in all the time since I left..! But I think there'd be receptivity to it if we wanted to work on it (there should be an existing code spike as well)


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