Month: 2020-04


SHC 00:22:12
@tammy079 我在這
SHC 00:22:38
原來我不是用 James
daYuan 11:15:39
@shc261392 我發pr嘍~:boogie-penguin:
SHC 11:16:10
@sddivid 有我看到了
daYuan 11:40:57

大家歡迎申請 &gt; Mozilla 在 MOSS 開源支持基金下設立了特別的 COVID-19 專案,資助與武漢病毒相關的專案,每件的金額是 50000 美金,範圍包含硬體(例如:開源的通風裝置)、軟體(例如:用以媒合 hacker space 與醫院以列印前述通風裝置的平台)與其他病毒相關專案(例如:特別針對武漢病毒假消息闢謠的瀏覽器套件) &gt; &gt; 條件是 1.三個月內可執行完畢、2.可即時部署(例:早期發展的概念案不太可能會獲得)3. 不限組織單位型態(例如非營利組織醫院、營利醫院、社群開發團隊)4. 必須使用開源授權 <> <>

bafu 15:06:40 sorry for that I sent a meeting postpone message in a wrong channel.

Are you available to join us in zoom <tel:9142101865|914-210-1865> now?
bafu 15:16:18
Tobi sorry for that I did not send the notification to the right channel (here). Please feel free to ping me anytime if you are free to talk, then I will invite James to join us. :grinning: Just take your time
王成偉 15:18:25
Sorry I am in another Zoom Call now
SHC 15:26:16
@sddivid 開了一個 PR 請你有空的時候幫忙 review 吧


Feature fix prod build by shc261392 · Pull Request #6 · MyDataTaiwan/mylog14

Description When building in production mode, the current code produces some errors when doing production-mode-only optimization and AOT compilation. This fixes all the errors emitted when building...

Tammy 15:54:50
Sorry, I was not able to host the meeting today. @bafu, let's keep all Dev related information (including the meeting information) in this channel so that it is easier to track :grinning:!
daYuan 17:24:46
@shc261392 我合併了,不過 Category / date 的 Hearder 消失了正常嗎?
SHC 17:29:20
@sddivid 這好像不太對 let me see see
daYuan 17:29:41
daYuan 17:32:28
SHC 17:32:48
SHC 17:33:21
連我的 zoom 吧
daYuan 17:33:25
Tammy 21:09:57
@sofia 順手寫了這次參加 Hackathon 的心得| 給大家參考,謝謝所有一起在 CodVsCovid19 的朋友!

Thank everyone who work together in CodeVsCovid19!



小新創資源有限,疫情期間公開活動受限,但生產力可不能這樣白白浪費,反正疫情哪裡都不能去,乾脆把公司創新的服務跟技術都投入病毒戰役,推不了產品,就跟社群一起來做點對社會有意義的事,於是… 我一屆中文人又誤打誤撞地有機會探索科技社群,臥底黑客松了 XD。


kahou 13:29:21
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Sherry Chung 14:33:50
@bafu @shc261392  @sddivid please join Zoom 284-173-319 (password: 000000) for the tech sync-up at 2:30 PM (8:30 AM in Zurich) (edited)
王成偉 14:33:59
Screenshot 2020-04-02 at 08.33.31.png
SHC 14:34:03
我們在 284-173-319
Tammy 16:32:13
SHC 16:32:47
Tammy 16:34:19
嗯... 就掛了
@bafu 那我們可以相信 IOTA 嗎 XD
bafu 16:44:31
我去 IOTA Discord 發問了,看會不會有人回...
bafu 16:49:39
bafu 16:49:45
let's see ...
Tammy 16:50:22
Mylog14 v2.0.0.pdf
Tammy 16:50:40
Wireframe v2.0.0!!! :boogie-penguin:
Tammy 16:52:38
@bafu some feedback~ if we search for `tag` instead of a specific transaction hash, it can be a bit slow (10-20s for one search)
bafu 16:55:57
可能是因為 `tag` 會搜尋整個 tangle,我也來研究看看
Tammy 16:56:44
status report:

can search by tag (just slow)
can get the transaction message
TS 16:58:02
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Tammy 17:03:43
@shc261392 @bafu one question to discuss with you, can we start the call today a bit earlier? say... 17:45? so that I have time to quickly go through the question I ran into with you.
SHC 17:04:11
@tammy079 ok
Tammy 17:04:39
I am working on the backend db schema, but I am not sure how to start with yet because I am not sure how the App will send data, also, I think the leger record process is still also a bit vague...
bafu 17:06:03
@tammy079 We will not create a database, and use Django model instead. @shc261392 can share more with you
Tammy 17:06:57
I think Django model still requires a sort of schema, am I right?
Tammy 17:07:23
It's totally ok if I don't need to do this task :laughing:
SHC 17:09:47
@tammy079 we can start with
"timestamp": <>,
"latitude": <>,
"longitude": <>,
"accuracy": <>,
"bodyTemperature": <>,
"bodyTemperatureUnit": <>,
"conditions": {
"coughing": <>,
"headache": <>,
"runnyNose": <>,
"soreThroat": <>
This is what the App records now
Tammy 17:29:21
@shc261392 @bafu I thought of it a bit deeper and it looked like we have missed the verification part. My main question is, if the data is currently saved in the Ionic store, how can we make sure the integrity is good? If you don't have the answer yet, maybe we can start the discussion earlier as the discussion may take some time. Let me know when you are free to chat :grinning:
bafu 17:30:44
np I'm free to chat now.
bafu 17:31:46
Originally I thought that MyLog14 will store data in the same way as Mediant (every capture will have a dir, and the raw data will be stored inside).
bafu 17:32:18
Let's discuss the details in the call
SHC 17:33:08
Free now
Tammy 17:33:13
I think the key is to use tech to ensure the integrity is good, untouched, so that it can really help. Any tech which achieves the goal is good.
Tammy 17:33:22
Use <tel:9855356941|985-535-6941>?
Tammy 17:34:14
@bafu @shc261392
Tammy 18:30:25
@sddivid we are in ^
daYuan 18:51:38
@tammy079 我剛剛睡著惹:tired_face:
Tammy 18:53:06
@sddivid ok der, 明天傍晚見 XD,白天就你自個兒找 James sync app 那邊的狀況囉
daYuan 18:53:28
SHC 19:08:47
@bafu Here's the JSON
SHC 19:09:48
daYuan 19:41:49
daYuan 19:42:08
daYuan 19:43:29
Tammy 20:30:17
`溫體` 的頁面聽起來有點微妙 XD
Lily Kung 22:01:04
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Tammy 22:50:57
Hello @b06106055 :tada:


daYuan 00:31:00
daYuan 04:44:14

daYuan 04:53:24
location-detail BT-detail symptom-detail 完成選擇功能與介面
state &amp; data 需要再依照資料調整,目前缺少資料串接與分享功能
還沒發PR github掛了
daYuan 04:54:00
daYuan 09:20:12
開了 PR 請有空的時候 review


Dev add category ui by CS6 · Pull Request #8 · MyDataTaiwan/mylog14



Dev fix date ui (目前最新ui) by CS6 · Pull Request #9 · MyDataTaiwan/mylog14

基本上只差分享&相機的畫面都有了 缺少 整合資料 相機 (我不確定你要調用原生還是客製化) 分享 (不確定) 圖表 (這部分我有空可以先做) 動畫控制器(獎盃&TW) 預計留到週五晚上在做 ------- Issues ------ iframe Google map 有點小問題要些(動態src:url) date-detail 頁面的 資料格式待定?

Tammy 11:34:18
@sddivid @shc261392 你們要不要來 MyData project sync,Lily 在裡面可以跟她直接討論