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@lilian0330 set the channel purpose: for a better world with the decentralized community,|
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嗨嗨大家,歡迎大家來到 #pttai 一起抓蟲、打屁
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linekin 15:35:22
mac 安裝完了之後, 執行 `gptt`, 瀏覽器開啟 http://localhost:9774/ 出現
> 404 page not found
lilian0330 16:07:24
出現 404!呼叫 @chhsiao1981 回答這題哈哈哈
chhsiao1981 16:40:35
hihi @linekin

不知是否是透過 git pull 的方式安裝的?~
有可能是你的電腦上 port 9774 已經被其他 process 使用了~

不知可否提供 terminal 上的 log?~
或是你可以在 go-pttai 的 dir 下:


然後使用 browser 連到 http://localhost:9775 測試?~

如果不是透過 git pull 安裝的~

如果你對於以上的 reply 不知道要如何繼續下去的話~
當然很歡迎再詢問的 :smile:
linekin 17:09:28
我改用 docker 執行有成功囉, 一時還沒有朋友 :cry:
chhsiao1981 17:09:56
chhsiao1981 17:11:16
chhsiao1981 17:11:30
這個是我在 linode 上的 node~
chhsiao1981 17:12:09
所以目前不 guarantee 可以連到 XD.
chhsiao1981 17:12:56
可以 follow 以下 issue 來看 p2p 對於 VPN 相關的 update~
willz 23:04:42
this is some amazing stuff you guys are building. I guess I should just tag myself in a ticket to get started?
lilian0330 14:59:00
@willyyang604 here is the GitHub for|
Following the steps, you can install it here. :sunglasses:
willz 21:11:59
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@willyyang604 here is the GitHub for|
Following the steps, you can install it here. :sunglasses:



Go implementation of the <|> framework. Contribute to ailabstw/go-pttai development by creating an account on GitHub.

poga 15:46:57
@chhsiao1981 Any chance of migrating `go-pttai` to go module? So we can avoid all these `GOPATH` shenanigans :stuck_out_tongue:
chhsiao1981 15:48:17
@poga Do you mean the following:



The Go programming language. Contribute to golang/go development by creating an account on GitHub.

poga 15:48:43
chhsiao1981 15:51:39


Migrate to Go modules · Issue #220 · ailabstw/go-pttai

Version information: Gptt Version: 0.1.4 Git Commit: dd42923 Architecture: amd64 Go Version: go1.11.1 Type: Enhancement Description: Referencing to ethereum, currently we are using govender for mai...

poga 15:53:08
oh we're using govender?
chhsiao1981 15:53:27
yes~ there is “vendor” dir in the repo~
poga 15:59:41
btw did you receive my friend request? I had sent multiple friend request to your node on linode.
chhsiao1981 16:00:00
hmm~ not yet~ Orz~
chhsiao1981 16:01:32
Pasted image at 2019-03-14, 4:01 PM
chhsiao1981 16:01:49
Pasted image at 2019-03-14, 4:01 PM
chhsiao1981 16:02:11
Pasted image at 2019-03-14, 4:02 PM
chhsiao1981 16:02:48
From UI~ You can check that whether there is a peer for now~
chhsiao1981 16:03:14
looks like something happened in libp2p though~
poga 16:03:18
It's empty :confused:
chhsiao1981 16:05:05
libp2p is one huge dark magic in this project~
chhsiao1981 16:06:16
As long as we are able to connect to the peers, and everything works fine~
But it seems like it’s not guaranteed to connect to the peers successfully in the libp2p settings~
poga 16:07:44
Yeah I just saw the issue It doesn't support UDP hole-punching


[WIP] UDP-based NAT hole-punching by cannium · Pull Request #490 · libp2p/go-libp2p

This patch utilizes relayed connection as signaling channel, and run /libp2p/punching/1.0.0 protocol on it. If both nodes are behind NAT gateways, they send self-observed QUIC addresses to each oth...

chhsiao1981 16:11:52
@poga Do you know any other p2p-peer go-lib. I am thinking maybe we can switch to other kind of p2p-lib that has no problem with the networking issue~
(webrtc in go?~ or bittorrent in go?~)
poga 16:20:53
IMO they're all kinda flaky. also they have different trade-off... so no strictly "better"
chhsiao1981 16:25:21
I think I’ll try to integrate with and see how it goes~



Full-featured BitTorrent client package and utilities - anacrolix/torrent

chhsiao1981 16:30:53
@poga btw~

if you just want to do some preliminarily testing, then the following scripts may help you:

chhsiao1981 16:32:20
(then you should be able to see the 2 UIs in http://localhost:9774 and http://localhost:9775)
poga 16:33:19
ok I will try them later today
chhsiao1981 16:33:55
Pasted image at 2019-03-14, 4:33 PM
poga 20:36:33
I tried. They can connect to each other but not to your linode node lol
chhsiao1981 20:39:14
@poga connecting to each other is a good start~
I think we can skip the p2p-connection and focus more on the core-flow for now~
I’ll try anacrolix/torrent soon and see if the p2p-connection is better on the torrent setup~
chhsiao1981 21:13:30
@chhsiao1981 set the channel topic:


poga 07:51:49
要不要弄個| vs 其他比較有名的 decentralized network project 的比較表?像是 、 mastodon、IPFS 等等

Liberate your communication | Riot

Communicate the way you want with Riot - a universal secure chat app entirely under your control.

Home |

lilian0330 10:53:27
poga 07:53:47
比較一下社群架構、加密、P2P 系統設計等等的


poga 05:19:54
最接近的應該是基於 ssb 的 ...?


Manyverse – a social network off the grid

A social network off the grid – mobile and available on Android

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chhsiao1981 17:34:53
@poga 我們最接近的應該就會是 ssb 了~
chhsiao1981 23:04:05

很歡迎大家幫忙指點 / 修正 / improve~
lilian0330 10:45:30
加了一些 github link~


lilian0330 10:45:30
加了一些 github link~


chhsiao1981 09:37:26


Support for WebRTC transport · Issue #188 · libp2p/go-libp2p

So the Duo team (working on OpenBazaar) was all excited that we can now have truly peer-to-peer communications between js-ipfs and go-ipfs using WebSockets. It turns out that, in practice, WebSocke...

chhsiao1981 09:37:49
looks like libp2p is integrating with pions-webrtc~