Month: 2018-12


patcon 13:06:39
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Good cafes:


patcon 14:50:34
Heyo @here -- last-minute, but anyone working anywhere today? I'm just eating then settling somewhere to work in my paper draft :)

If I don't hear back, I'll prob stake out at *Perch Cafe near Da'an*. Lemme know!
patcon 15:41:34
Going to do da'an station Starbucks instead
pm5 22:38:25
Anyone wants to cowork in Taipei tomorrow?
patcon 23:34:45
Yeah! Any preferred location? Prob afternoon-ish for me
patcon 13:22:02
yo, is it too late to offer a different suggestion? Mozilla office in under construction, and so #jothon is working nearby-ish :slightly_smiling_face:
patcon 13:50:55
debut cafe btw. omw!
patcon 15:08:17
For real omw now ;)



Ansin Law 13:28:34
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patcon 13:29:27
Heyoooo @imyentsen @kevinphy! You two working anywhere?
Ansin Law 13:30:43
Hey yes, we’re heading to this coffee shop
patcon 15:46:02
I'm eating breakfast, then picking up paycheque, then omw!
patcon 16:52:59
:bicyclist: :bicyclist: :bicyclist:
jc 14:16:46
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patcon 14:20:41
Anyone <!here> wanna cowork today? In maybe an hour?

Thinking about heading to the place @pm5 suggested last week: Dawn Surf &amp; Co. Cafe

Dawn Surf &amp; Co. Cafe

★★★★★ · Coffee shop · No. 76, Lane 419, Guangfu South Road

pm5 15:19:42
Not in Taipei today. Maybe next time :smile:
patcon 16:24:09
at starbucks across from da'an station, just in case anyone sees this.

@fiorella you working nearby?
fiorella 17:30:17
I'm near Shandao Temple


patcon 11:31:18
@fiorella can you message or DM me the shandao temple cafe you're at?
patcon 11:36:34
Ah wait! I remembered! Philo :) omw when you're there
patcon 12:14:58
Heh decided to just come. Here now
fiorella 12:19:20
hahaha, I will be there around 1:30 pm
fiorella 13:55:18


HANA 11:41:09
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