Month: 2018-07


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devin 05:50:35
@devin set the channel purpose: Team managing the gov.network website and AirTable.
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devin 05:54:07
Hi folks. My intention with this channel is that it serves as the primary method of communications for the g-v.network website team.
devin 05:55:09
We haven't established any rules at this point related to how content gets on the website so - at this point - my request is that people propose any significant changes to the site on the Slack so they can be discussed.
devin 05:55:18
And hopefully executed. 😉
devin 06:19:02
As for specific site content - I've pasted what's currently up on the top level menu here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AU37R9t_37qB8ZXQmKx-Bl_ry8uVIJ8rMgU-Q4U4--0/edit?usp=sharing
devin 06:19:19
If you have content changes you want to propose please do it there.
devin 06:19:41
We can/will improve this workflow as we go.


itsmisscs 21:49:32
Thanks for getting this going, Devin!
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devin 23:17:18