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hi hi
ttcat (not_staff) 14:14:05
danfowler 14:47:18
ttcat (not_staff) 14:47:24
Also recommend #general-en to all
danfowler 14:48:08
ah, thanks!
danfowler 14:48:14
I was wondering! 🤔
danfowler 15:32:10
@ttcat How many people are expected at this hackathon?
ttcat (not_staff) 15:50:48
ttcat (not_staff) 15:51:12
@danfowler where r u from? Are you join us as well
ttcat (not_staff) 15:51:13
danfowler 15:51:27
I am from the US, but I live in Bangkok now.
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Hello all.
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blisscs 22:47:34
I will be joining also for this event.
It's my first time for the hackathon.
blisscs 22:47:42
Is there anything I should prepare.


c4n 12:06:30
From what i see on this website: https://g0v-jothon.kktix.cc/events/bangkok-hackath0n it seems like the event will be focusing on web crawler to create open dataset(s)


g0v@Bangkok hackath0n | Let's Make Some Data Open!

Ask not why nobody is doing this. You are the "nobody"! Join the frist g0v's hackathon @ Bangkok to

c4n 12:09:07
if you are using python, you might want to read a bit about scrapy or beautifulsoup
ttcat (not_staff) 14:16:56
Yes but also welcome for all kind for project proposals
ttcat (not_staff) 14:17:13
Anything related to public good is welcome
ttcat (not_staff) 14:17:22
(and open source)
ttcat (not_staff) 14:17:40
c4n 14:44:42
does the crawled open data have to be in English?
c4n 14:44:47
or Thai is fine too
ttcat (not_staff) 14:48:31
English and Thai both are fine
ttcat (not_staff) 14:48:37
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@c4n Please submit proposal ideas before the hackathon 😛


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pawat 19:48:30
Should I bring my laptop to the hackathon? thanks
ttcat (not_staff) 20:12:06
ttcat (not_staff) 20:12:13
@pawat you should!
yutin 22:58:15


pawat 16:43:51
Cool, thanks
ttcat (not_staff) 16:57:32
<!channel> Hi all, if you have an idea and want to come this hackathon to find some folks to co work with, we recommend you submit your idea at the spreadsheet before the event!
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orapim++ laikhram++ sara++
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