Month: 2021-02


gholzknecht 06:22:04
Hi @colin.hodge good to see you here. Any idea how a CO2 Wiki project could be launched?


Colin Hodge 16:31:14
hi @gholzknecht - i’ve been playing around with some apps that attempt this and it’s an exciting area!
Colin Hodge 16:31:36
some of them seem to use a combination of publicly available data and their own mix of internal estimates
Colin Hodge 16:32:33
i’m working on a similar project focused on democracy + human rights, so as we learn from launching that i’ll post updates to this slack (not sure which channel yet)
gholzknecht 20:34:50
Thank you @colin.hodge that sounds interesting. I’d love to learn all about it. 😁 I am looking for a community who shares similar interests and then just let’s do it. A kind of CO2 Wiki can be the beginning, at the end it is about full disclosure of data for (new) democratic decision making.


Colin Hodge 15:54:13
awesome! here are a few resources that you might have come across already:
*Calculators* EPA, The Nature Conservancy, and BP.
*Projects and sites:* jobs, networking, projects for climate

*Tracking apps / projects:*
Colin Hodge 15:55:17
☝️ those are specific to climate change / environment
Colin Hodge 15:56:14
our project is starting by focusing on another cause: human rights & democracy
later on we’ll add other worthy causes, like reducing CO2 emissions :slightly_smiling_face:

Snowball in 90 Seconds

INTRO Authoritarian governments are growing their power and suppressing human rights, while democracy is shrinking worldwide. Every day, we unwittingly support companies that enable negative global effects, instead of encouraging alternative businesses that better align with our values. :muscle:


gholzknecht 00:52:26
@colin.hodge that is amazing. I will go through that and come back to you.
gholzknecht 00:59:03
where are you based, Colin?


Sven 20:19:13
@joe042 has joined the channel
Sven 20:21:02
Hi @gholzknecht and @colin.hodge. These are interesting links you shared.


Colin Hodge 15:05:17
hi @gholzknecht - based in Taipei and will return there in a few weeks, after 6 mo away in Thailand
Colin Hodge 15:05:19
Colin Hodge 15:05:27
Hi @joe042, thanks 🙂
gholzknecht 18:47:53
Beautiful. I am in Bonn, Germany.


Colin Hodge 16:19:59
nice to meet ya!