Month: 2019-02


@null 11:06:41
Excuse me, this year's Dasong date, in addition to 3/9 have other time has been determined? Is it better to avoid the holidays?? XD Does 3/9 still need to make coffee bags?

<|source>: _請問一下今年大松日期,除了3/9有已經確定的其他時間嗎? 是否有需要避開��..._


@null 17:59:15
If you look at it, you will forget to go back to XD 3/9. If you want to have a coffee bag~~~ If you have a fake, May should be at the end of the month, so you can't get Labor Day?

<;cid=C0385B90D|source>: _拍謝看過就忘記回 XD 3/9 要咖啡包~~~ 連假的話,五月應該會在月底,這..._

@null 17:59:33
Thank you :raised_hands:

<;cid=C0385B90D|source>: _感謝 :raised_hands:_


@null 16:51:12
[Next Dasong Preview: 3/9 (six) in the Academia Sinica Information Center] If you have a naming idea, please feel free to write in this document ~~~

<|source>: _【下次大松預告:3/9(六)在中研院資訊所】 如果有命名的想法,歡迎在此..._


@null 07:48:01
Is there anyone in the OneButton typeform? I have to turn it off.

<|source>: _OneButton typeform 那部分還有人用嗎?我要關掉了。_

@null 11:56:38
Should it be? And it seems that the typeform api used on onebutton has been abolished for almost two years.

<|source>: _應該是沒吧?而且好像 onebutton 上用的 typeform api 已經是廢止快兩年的 api 了_

@null 14:54:47
Roger that!

<;cid=C0385B90D|source>: _收到!_

@null 22:49:33
To understanding

<|source>: _瞭解_