Month: 2019-04


@null 17:06:06
suddenly think of! In 2015, I made a big table and two ladders left in the exhibition. Is there a need for jothon? Will it be brought to the topic of space management by the way?

<|source>: _突然想到!2015 年做展覽留下來的大桌板和兩支梯子,jothon 有需要嗎?是不�..._


@null 11:06:38
Jothon's bigger things (big check!) are placed in my basement, other small ocf, so it should not be tempted. If the big table community project/task team has a new space (??!!), can it be put?

<;cid=C0385B90D|source>: _jothon 比較大的東西(大支票!)都放我家地下室,其他小的放 ocf,所以目��..._

@null 11:48:24
Big check XD

<;cid=C0385B90D|source>: _大支票 XD_

@null 13:47:22
Prize for the check of the XP

<;cid=C0385B90D|source>: _獎助金的的支票XP_


@null 14:34:42
Face sea pine and pine front ha! Https://

<|source>: _面海松與松前哈啦! <>

@null 23:48:17
May Matsuzaka is called Mazu, must I come out to participate in hackathon? :joy:

<|source>: _五月大松要叫做媽祖叫我一定要出來參加黑客松嗎? :joy:_

@null 23:54:18
XDDDDDD This name is good

<|source>: _XDDDDDD 這名字不錯_

@null 23:54:47
It seems that my hacker’s name is the name of the person who wants to let the kidneys go.

<|source>: _看來我的黑客松命名達人的稱號要讓腎了_


@null 22:25:52
<system> file g0v@coscup.png too big to download (3173892 > allowed size: 1000000)

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[g0v@COSCUP Community Agenda Call for Papers] [5/6 Finals! Hi Hi everyone! After the physical activities, in addition to the maritime hackathon in June, the next big pine will be held at 5/25. After the location is confirmed, it will be announced~ You can leave the time first! The Songsong Group applied for the community agenda of this year's COSCUP (Open Source People's Annual Meeting). The theme of this agenda is "g0v hackathon open source collaboration model". I would like to invite everyone to share the latest projects with all open source people at COSCUP, or It is a project that has been proposed on Dasong. You can also talk to you about your experience in open source collaboration. You are welcome to share your experience in collaborative projects! COSCUP is Taiwan's largest open source conference, an annual seminar jointly promoted by various open source communities. Developers (Coders), Users (Users) and Promoters (Promoters) are the three pillars for the free and open source software to shine. COSCUP is designed for these three people. Time: August 17th (Sixth), 18th (Day) Venue: Taiwan University of Science and Technology International Building Length: 30 minutes with Q&amp;A Submission Description Page: Open.html#g0v Looking forward to seeing you in COSCUP!

<|source>: _【g0v@COSCUP 社群議程徵稿中】【5/6 截稿!】 Hi 大家! 之後的實體活動除了�..._


@null 16:41:32
@grass @juanna Hi Hi The next time Dasong is 5/25, ask the two food groups that day is OK~

<|source>: _<@U02P0AVGJ> <@U0PAZH2HE> Hi Hi 下一次大松是 5/25,問一下食物組兩位那天 OK 嗎~_

@null 16:45:26
The next naming is likely to be related to Mazu. Is there a Mazu-themed food? XD

<|source>: _下次命名很可能跟媽祖有關,有媽祖主題的食物嗎 XD_

@null 16:46:59
Rice turtle

<|source>: _米龜_

@null 16:47:00

@null 16:50:32
Ah, I am 25/26, not in Taipei.

<|source>: _啊⋯⋯我 25/26 不在台北_

@null 17:07:11
Then it’s okay to look at the grass. If it doesn’t work, then I just said that I might ask you to help me?
@null 17:56:10
it is good
@null 17:01:35
In fact, the usual hackathon has been eaten much like the one in the first fifteenth temple: the cauldron face XD

<|source>: _其實平常黑客松已經吃得很像 初一十五廟裡面拜拜的樣子:大鍋麵 XD_

@null 17:07:11
Then it’s okay to look at the grass. If it doesn’t work, then I just said that I might ask you to help me?

<;cid=C0385B90D|source>: _那就要看一下小草行不行 如果都不行的話 剛剛 ipa 說可能就請你幫忙訂這樣..._

@null 17:56:10
it is good

<;cid=C0385B90D|source>: _ 好_


@null 07:23:19
Like this (?)

<|source>: _像這個 (?) <>


@null 14:15:40
Then please @juanna help me confirm, thank you~

<;cid=C0385B90D|source>: _那再請 <@U0PAZH2HE> 幫我確認一下了,謝謝 ~_

@null 14:46:52
@daisuke ok

@null 22:44:17
@daisuke Is this big pine always empty?

<;cid=C0385B90D|source>: _<@U0TKSE36J> 這次大松在空總嗎_

@null 22:47:57
Tomorrow will be confirmed, but in principle it should be in the empty joint restaurant, 200 people expected

<;cid=C0385B90D|source>: _明天會確定下來,不過原則上應該就是在空總的聯合餐廳了,預計 200 人_