Month: 2021-08


Jean F. Queralt 22:47:35
*TOPIC:* TechUp 08-2021

_Programmers are the next generation of Human and Digital Rights defenders._

How to engage them in a meaningful and effective way? How can we bring together the tech community to become the agents of change that digital societies need right now?

Join us for our monthly TechUp event this July to make your personal impact on technology.

Wherever you are in the world (Asia+Pacific, Africa+Europe or the Americas East & West Coasts), you will  participate in featured civic tech initiatives, boost your technical & soft skills, get the chance to meet and hear from global speakers as well as engage in the latest global conversations on technology and its impact on Human and Digital Rights.

Get ready to engage in a sprint on brainstorming solutions while building opportunities to network with a global community of potential collaborators.

*Date:* 21st + 22nd August, 2021 (UTC+0)
*Location*: Online (Airmeet)
*RSVP:* https://TIOF.Click/EventsRSVP

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TechUp 08-2021

A collaborative space uniting capacity building and social participation to build better and safer digital societies. Come make your impact!